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A confused, naked Santa walks into a bar in Hogadon, telling the bartender a joke beginning, “What’s white and doesn’t swim?” He then does something totally inappropriate which bars him from the property altogether. 136 palabras más

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Christmas Prep

Well if you do not get started you will never get everything done you need to. In Second Life the season is already warming up so be sure to check out . 104 palabras más

Second Life


Over on a mountain top in Jaffee, another Santa takes what he fears might be his last look at a favorite Christmas tree.

For just in back of the treehouse he cowers beneath lurks the giant rogue snowman already responsible for the death of seven.

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“Another one, Woody. The killings are increasing again!”

“I blame it on those gall darn cottages, Snowmanster, three in number. Probably four at this point — I haven’t checked. 105 palabras más

*Second Life

Explore Series: Lost Town

I’ve been spending the last several days reading back through my blog, and it’s really making me realize how much I miss out on by staying on my home sim all the time. 580 palabras más

Second Life

LU.LI: Shine Eyes

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ChiMia @ The Liaison Collaborative
– Circle Coaster Agate
– Gingerbread Latte
– Pumpkin Spice & Chocolate Macarons
– Pumpkin Spice Latte
– Silver Platter… 47 palabras más