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The Game Changer

Another installment of Kate Cunningham’s Confessions of a Converted Pedestrian….

My name is Kate Cunningham and I hate weather. I am a sun baby. Dark of look and descended from international swarthy types I like heat, sun and an absence of inclemency. 231 palabras más

Cancer Prevention

It’s All About the Shoes

The next installment from Kate Cunningham in her Confessions of a Converted Pedestrian series.

As I left behind the habits of a lifetime I started to think differently. 258 palabras más

Cancer Prevention

Take a break.

Only recently I’ve started work. I’m already suffering from the infamous first-world problem called:
The Computer Vision Syndrome
or eye strain.

I’ve decided to share this video as a reminder for me and everyone else on a 9-to-5 desk job to take a break from your glowing screens. 17 palabras más


Day 18: Sedentary Day

Do you ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel like doing anything? That was me today. 135 palabras más

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You made it! You are now in the position you have longed for. All the hard work has paid off! After putting in the time and right amount of effort you have landed  1.868 palabras más

Sedentary Behavior