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Watching Too Much TV Is Bad for You, Even If You Also Exercise

The more time you spend watching television, the greater your risk may be for blood clots, according to a new study — even if you get plenty of exercise. 677 palabras más

A Reason to Move...

What is your current level of daily lifestyle physical activity?

If you’re unfamiliar with this phrase, it refers to the amount of time you spend moving OUTSIDE of specific exercise times throughout the day, on a daily basis. 285 palabras más


The F Word That Nobody Likes To Hear

Sometimes, just sometimes, barring the medical conditions, the medications, the pregnancies,  the contraceptives and whatever else that i’m missing; you are just too fat.  716 palabras más


Sedentary Athlete's Dilemma

“Not to beat the car metaphor to death, but you have to look at every athlete as a complex engine with thousands of moving parts. And you, the coach, are trying to squeeze every single drop of horsepower you can out of that engine.” 1.169 palabras más


Mr Alex (General manager of Aura Investment firm) reports everyday at work by 8am and closes by 9pm.
His daily routine is as follows: Wakes up by 6am, get dressed and enters his hummer jeep already waiting for him at the front of his house. 489 palabras más

Health And Fitness

Sleep and Weight

Due to the stressors this last year has thrown at me, my weight has increased dramatically. This has in part been due to comfort eating and drinking; calories in have well exceeded any calories out that’s for sure! 576 palabras más


My new passion- Pilates

On a bright sunny day after waking up, instantly i decided that i should hit the gym, take care of my health. I lost myself , i became machine with a vicious cycle home, work, home . 213 palabras más