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Yoga 101 - Beating Sedentary Lifestyle, feeling flexible and boosting productivity

Its been 4 months since I started my first job at a healthcare startup. Four months of learning new things, meeting new people, hustling.. Four months of creating valuable, not so valuable contributions.. 700 palabras más

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Charlotte was a rescue. She had been found and brought to a shelter at about three months old. They weren’t sure of her exact age, history, how she had come to be wandering the city. 684 palabras más


Inactivity and Sedentary Lifestyles Can Cause Dementia

Older adults who do not lead an active lifestyle may be just as likely to develop dementia as those who are genetically predisposed to the condition….

Moving at home, and refusing to be sedentary.

I have looked online a lot trying to find advice about moving at home. I recently purchased a fitbit, and realized I am a sedentary person. 240 palabras más


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It has been a very wet holiday and the rain forecast has been questionable, so rather than getting caught in a sudden shower, we’ve been playing it safe. 192 palabras más



I think both space and time constitute this weird and incoherent mix of things. I’m sure I said that before. I am not sure whether in physics chaos can be generated by the overlap between different orders, but I would assume that, as long as that overlap is irregular (and obviously a relation between any two orders constitutes an order itself – or rather a “thing” to which the question of order can be applied), and/ or by different we really mean different (as in two things that cannot be reduced to each other): yes. 328 palabras más

Yoga for the Modern Day Office Worker

It’s two days before the end of my yoga teacher training course at Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nashik, India. During this period I have been so blessed with new knowledge and insights that I want to bring home to my yoga classes in Singapore. 1.731 palabras más