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Sitting is the New Smoking

Are you sitting while reading this blog? You might not feel comfortable by the time you finish reading this, because “sitting is the new smoking.” Meaning, spending too much time sitting is a ticking time bomb that is severely damaging your health just waiting to explode. 198 palabras más

Weeks 13 & 14: Summary

Challenge: READ A BOOK (+ extended reading week)

Lunch hours taken: 3/10

Rating: Lovely (and moveable)

So work happened! The last two weeks have been the busiest of the year yet and I was pretty much unable to take a lunch break – this week in particular – so I decided to roll Week 13 into Week 14 and give everyone (ergo myself) some extra time to finish their books. 1.499 palabras más

Lunch Hour

Week 14: Extended Reading Week!

I promise this isn’t a cop out – the last two weeks have suddenly become crazy busy and I haven’t left the office since arriving each day. 63 palabras más

Lunch Hour

Evening Primrose Oil for Lupus


Lupus is referred to an autoimmune inflammatory disease, in which the immune system of a body attacks its own tissues and organs. The most common form of… 994 palabras más


To Sit or not to sit...

I’ve concluded; I’m a sedentary person! I never knew it until I read it on the internet. Some guy, the other day, was telling me that sitting around is like smoking 6 packs of Cigarettes a day!  373 palabras más

Writing Life

Whose Work Is It?

“Syllables govern the world.”~~George Bernard Shaw

Today’s word of the day, from Merriam-Webster, is sedentary, which means, “doing or involving a lot of sitting : not doing or involving much physical activity.” And that’s all I’m going to say about that. 703 palabras más

Word Of The Day

Week 13: Read a Book

Very little instruction needed here!

Along with ‘eat a sandwich’, ‘read a book’ is probably the most un-challenging lunch time challenge around, because a lot of us already do it. 1.091 palabras más

Lunch Hour