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Mistaken Identity

If one more person refers to me hobbling I will scream. Whatever happening to limping?

A broken bone in my foot has catapulted me to 0AP status. 452 palabras más

Save Yourself from Sitting: 10 Tips to Move More at Work

We all know sitting too much is bad, and that current recommendations suggest you get 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity most days per week. 734 palabras más


Black and white

Everyone knows I love black and white. Classy and it’s always trendy. I have black and white cats. Black and white dresses. And now I have black and white food! 92 palabras más


Jillian Michaels: A Revelation for Sedentary Bloggers and Women Over 50

I took a good long break from pounding the keyboard and decided to focus on my physical and spiritual health (and not necessarily in that order). 1.581 palabras más

General Interest

Mindfulness is King

During the Super Bowl excitement, did you find yourself reaching into a bag of chips between each play, or going back for seconds of the pizza and buffalo chicken dip during the re-plays of the game? 414 palabras más


Time To Think About Our Risky Working Lives

I used to loathe exercise. I hate the competition, the changing into gym kit, the smell, and the enthusiasm of the people with good leg muscles. 615 palabras más

Cancer Prevention

Taking steps to fitness (literally)

So I read this article that basically told me that those daily (or every-other-daily) workouts that I participate in are pretty much nullified when I proceed to sit at my desk for the next 10 hours that day. 292 palabras más