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The Rules that I Never Intended to Make

I’ve been mentally exploring the idea of changing, again. How does one tackle changing habits, rituals, and routines around food and exercise that have the advantage of years of practice and repetition? 822 palabras más


Sitting too much at work can be deadly

We all know that regular exercise is an important part of staying healthy, but studies show that it might not be enough to stave off many health issues if you spend most of your day sitting. 343 palabras más

Healthy Workers

Too Much Sittin' About

“‘Feels good to have a horse under me again,’ Dywen said… ‘Begging your pardon, m’lord, but we were all o’ us getting splinters up our arses from sitting about.'” 30 palabras más

My Life

A Sedentary Life WILL Inevitably Kill Us.

A set of common complaints most of us have are, ‘I have too many problems. I can’t deal with these problems. I wish I didn’t have so many problems. 328 palabras más


Sitting Disease

I believe that our health is essential in leading a Golden Life Living. This month, in the Healthy Life Series, I want to address how our jobs are wreaking havoc on our health. 576 palabras más

Healthy Life Series

Back Pain - Or NO BACK PAIN - Why Some Indigenous Cultures May Not Have Back Pain

In this article at NPR,

after experiencing massive back pain, a herniated disc, and experiencing back surgery – researcher Esther Gothale wondered why many primitive cultures lack the chronic back pain so common in American and other Western populations. 160 palabras más


The false promise of comfort

I like camping holidays, but with one clear proviso. I like to sleep when I am on holiday. I will no longer curl up on a mat in a sleeping bag. 270 palabras más

Biology And Personhood