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Day 16 of 100 : Those Were the Days

The days of my youth were vastly different from nowadays, in my naughty forties! What has changed?

My childhood meant big Sunday feasts with roasts and desserts. 329 palabras más

Fit Minute | The New Definition of Being Fit

Being “fit” is no longer about how much time you spend working out, but how much time you spend sitting as well. A study by the American Cancer Society… 278 palabras más


Traveling at Home

In nowadays people got used to be sedentary. We live in the same place all our lives and we rarely go to a new… 224 palabras más

Sedentary Work : How it Effects You and What You Should Do About It

Why It MATTERS: You’ve heard “Sitting Is the New Smoking,” refferring to persistant, sedentary office days, often with repetive activites like holding a phone or typing.    507 palabras más


Standing Space Only

The office of the future will encourage more standing: both at the workplace and in meetings.  But somehow we’ve forgotten that future offices will need to harness the skills of ageing and disabled workers.   1.353 palabras más


The Rules that I Never Intended to Make

I’ve been mentally exploring the idea of changing, again. How does one tackle changing habits, rituals, and routines around food and exercise that have the advantage of years of practice and repetition? 822 palabras más


Sitting too much at work can be deadly

We all know that regular exercise is an important part of staying healthy, but studies show that it might not be enough to stave off many health issues if you spend most of your day sitting. 343 palabras más

Healthy Workers