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A Writer's Body

This has been a busy workweek for me. Since I’m committed to posting here each Thursday, I decided to go with the flow of that theme and discuss some of my tactics for getting through large blocks of sedentary time. 549 palabras más

Wicked Word Wednesday - it's Sedentary

I read somewhere that

a sedentary lifestyle is disastrous for hips and thighs

but in Tiggy’s case, my 17year old cat

a sedentary lifestyle is essential for her to survive!

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Active Leisure Improves Heart Health - Tufts

As the saying (here in America) goes, things happen in threes. I assume that is good things as well as bad. I think of this post as the third in a series of subtle reminders on the benefits of movement, active leisure, good posture, etc. 786 palabras más


Problems that lead to dehydration (Posted late on 08/05 from 08/02)

As I have already indicated in a previous post, one of the leading reasons for dehydration is the fact that as we age, we do not feel as thirsty as we did when younger. 244 palabras más

Elderly Care

Ever Wondered What Two Weeks of Being Lazy Does to Your Body?

It’s the season of poolside piña coladas, lazy days, and vacations from the gym — which, as any swimsuit-wearing gal or chest-baring guy can attest, adds up to less-than-desirable results.

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...of 'take a stand' & 'sitting pretty'...

…”British Columbia drought puts stress on businesses dependent on water”…”Demolition derby; Vancouver’s old houses are disappearing fast”…”CBC needs to rethink its purpose, not just its programs”… 146 palabras más