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Exercises for gamers with sedentary life style

As a gamer and an otaku, I often find myself sitting in front of computer and playing for hours without realizing how long I had been playing. 551 palabras más

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Cutting Cancer Cases – Ready Steady Go!

More than two thousand years ago Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, noted that if we all had “the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health”. 751 palabras más

Cancer Prevention


Wake up, commute, work
Home, eat, sleep, wake up again
Repeat until dead.

Musings & Personal

Listening To My Body

I have been living with a sedentary lifestyle for so long and it’s slowly showing with how my body behave. Dieting isn’t in my vocabulary, really. 805 palabras más


Feeling Slumpy? Exercises to help you de-slouch from The Art of Manliness

Here are 13 delightfully illustrated, excellent exercises to help you stretch out your spine, glutes, and hips (which often suffer the most from tightness) after day of sitting waaaay too much, otherwise known as “de-Quasimoding” yourself. 90 palabras más


University Libraries Add Study Bikes

A recent article from Huffington Post alerted us to this new trend. Troy University Library’s Dean, Christopher Shaffer installed FitDesk exercise bikes into the library, because: “Humans aren’t meant to sit all day.” He cites the impact of physical movement and wellness on mental focus and hopes to give students the ability to study without being sedentary. 97 palabras más


I HAVE to go for that hike today

I didn’t get out and hike yesterday. My business trip was catching up with me, and I also needed to catch up on some reading and writing I’ve been meaning to do. 182 palabras más

Personal Experiences With TBI