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How Much Exercise is Enough?

Many people mistake being busy for being active. Your feet can be aching and you can feel as though you haven’t sat down all day…but that doesn’t mean that you’ve been physically active! 574 palabras más


Earn Your TV

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to start especially when it comes to changing your habits and lifestyle. I was very sedentary for a long time and just the thought of moving around – for fun – seemed crazy when I was struggling to move out of necessity. 352 palabras más

Weight Loss

the sitting disease

We spend a lot of time sitting, with many Canadians sitting an average of 9.5 hours (69%) a day. Today, we sit so much that our lifestyles have evolved in such a way where we spend more time… 566 palabras más


Too Much of a Good Thing

Television is one of the most beloved inventions of the 20th century.  Family and friends have gathered all across the world for decades to watch together.   302 palabras más

The Sea Squirt: a Parable

The sea squirt is an elegant little thing. In its infancy the sea squirt is an excellent model for just about any critter with a central nervous system, include us humans. 297 palabras más


What to do when depression reaches out to strangle you.

It does, you know.

When you least expect it, depression seems to jumps out of the corner like a boogie-man. And just like a boogie-man, it tries to take your life. 687 palabras más



Lunch hours taken: 3/5

Rating: Creative, absorbing, addictive

Knitting has taken over my life. I can’t sleep properly because every time I wake up I think “I could knit right now” and then stay awake thinking about how I… 983 palabras más