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Round and Round we grow.

ROUND and ROUND we go

Rounder and Rounder we grow!

constant circle


inevitable cycle

increasing SIZES….

buying BIGGER, stranger, weird and tent-like fashion

illness an constant pain… 181 palabras más

Me And My Defects

Gimme A Break

So, in case you don’t know, I work for IT support.  I am on the phone all day!  This can present many problems for me! (ha). 183 palabras más


The sedentary lifestyle

The sedentary lifestyle is the lack, in the daily live, of moderate physical activity. It appears in industrialized societies, as we design all kind of tools to avoid heavy physical exertion. 218 palabras más

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Chained to Black

Barely blinking,
soundless and unmoving,
hints of light creep away in silence.

There is a creaking and a turning
as shards spread from wall to wall. 96 palabras más

Counting carbohydrates for people with Diabetes mellitus- part 1

I know it is a boring title and the message in it is cliché. Sometimes it gets on my nerves to read even a line with nutritional advice in it. 417 palabras más

Discussion On Food Styles And Receipes