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My new passion- Pilates

On a bright sunny day after waking up, instantly i decided that i should hit the gym, take care of my health. I lost myself , i became machine with a vicious cycle home, work, home . 213 palabras más


Pomodoro: The Solution to Sedentary Working?

These days, it feels as though we can either be productive or live an active life. It doesn’t seem possible to fit both in to our day. 538 palabras más

Physical Activity

Active movement at work

By Stephen Bowden – Chartered Ergonomist

Why standing from sitting and keeping active is vital for your health and wellbeing

Cars, trains, planes, mobile phones, desktop computers, tablet computers, mobile phone applications, online food delivery companies, comfortable ‘ergonomic’ chairs, escalators and lifts, modern offices are just a few examples of technology/designs that reduce the amount of movement the human body makes on a day to day basis. 1.255 palabras más


Study: Couch Potatoes Might Help Cut Their Risk of Early Death by Getting Up Every 30 Minutes

Steven Reinberg wrote . . . . . .

Days spent sitting for hours may increase your risk for an early death no matter how much you exercise, researchers say. 690 palabras más

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Walk the talk and keep healthier

Public Health England (PHE) are this week recommending that you hold your meetings outside. This will reduce stress, back and neck pain.

Sitting at your desk all day means companies are… 191 palabras más


Sitting most of the day may lead to an early grave


NEW YORK: Adults who are inactive much of the day may be more likely to die prematurely than people who don’t sit around a lot, regardless of their exercise habits, a US study suggests. 610 palabras más

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