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Mindfulness is King

During the Super Bowl excitement, did you find yourself reaching into a bag of chips between each play, or going back for seconds of the pizza and buffalo chicken dip during the re-plays of the game? 415 palabras más

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Time To Think About Our Risky Working Lives

I used to loathe exercise. I hate the competition, the changing into gym kit, the smell, and the enthusiasm of the people with good leg muscles. 615 palabras más

Cancer Prevention

Taking steps to fitness (literally)

So I read this article that basically told me that those daily (or every-other-daily) workouts that I participate in are pretty much nullified when I proceed to sit at my desk for the next 10 hours that day. 292 palabras más


A Nutritional Therapist Who Says Diet isn't Everything

I wanted to share this lovely info-graphic from showing the dangers of sitting too long. As a Nutritional Therapist I know the risks associated with poor diet however poor diet is definitely not the only contributing factor to good health (or lack of it). 390 palabras más


Sick of Being Sick

There is nothing that slows you down like being ill. Going about life, it’s easy to forgot how debilitating it can really be. I started getting sick when I was seventeen. 314 palabras más


Even with Regular Exercise; Sitting too Much May Kill You

A recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine reports that there is a significant connection between the time we spend sitting to the time we are active. 231 palabras más


Standing Up, Sitting Down

I’m pleased to say that I work mostly standing up. Teachers generally do. In a tutorial lesson I will spend more time sitting down, but on the whole I patrol the front of my classroom in a region from board to computer. 312 palabras más