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Olympic Viewing Game!

If you are like me – you are going to be watching a lot of the Olympics!! I just love seeing all the competition, meeting the Olympians, and hearing the back stories. 144 palabras más

Pilates Musings

Jumping in with both Feet

Nobody said it would be easy. Taking care of five kids is exciting. It is never a dull moment; that is for sure.

But I get tired. 548 palabras más


Crunches Are Bad

Many people believe crunches and leg raises are the best way to work on your abs.  WRONG!  Its actually working out your hip flexors more.  Hip flexors are responsible for flexing your hip, or bring your knee up to your chest, and is activated when one crunches or does a leg raise.   185 palabras más


A Not So Innocent Relationship

Be honest, when you first heard about this relationship it sounded so innocent. When your son first told you about his new friend (we will call this friend X), you were just glad to see him so excited. 485 palabras más

Sedentary Lifestyles

It’s no surprise that with the increase of technology and in the more recent years, the amount of people with sedentary lifestyles is increasing.

With the introduction of computers and TV’s, people are finding less use to walk and stand, and be active. 398 palabras más

The Visibility of Speed

What happens when speed fails, even if for only an instant?

Break the series of 0s and 1s.

The brain has to re-calibrate, as if the emergency brakes engage on a train… 59 palabras más

0s And 1s

Exercises for gamers with sedentary life style

As a gamer and an otaku, I often find myself sitting in front of computer and playing video game for hours without realizing how long I had been playing. 608 palabras más