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without you
my words
would be weary nomads
scouring the Earth
for a place to settle

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2018

Prolonged periods of sedentary time strongly associated with amount of fat around internal organs

Researchers have found new evidence to suggest that longer periods of sedentary time (defined as any sitting/reclining activity with low energy expenditure) are more strongly associated with the amount of fat deposited around internal organs. 16 palabras más

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Sedentary lifestyles, slow poison for brain

“All work and no play makes jack a dull guys” and old rhyme  we heard in our childhood. But honestly speaking, all work and no play make anyone a dull person. 363 palabras más

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'Sitting All Day Shrinks The Brain, Increases Chances Of Alzheimers' |RN

By Appolonia Adeyemi

Scientists have said that sitting on the desk all day or on the sofa watching television could negatively impact the brain of the affected person. 318 palabras más


How not to stop exercising

When people stop exercising and return to their old sedentary ways, something in me rages and cries at the same time. I tell them passionately, ‘You… 632 palabras más

6 Ways A Sedentary Job Negatively Affects Your Health And How To Reverse This

Do you have a sedentary job that doesn’t involve moving from one point to another? It may not be doing wonders for your health. A sedentary job is often desk-bound, and you’ll find yourself sitting most of the time. 19 palabras más

Summarized By Munir Kulavoor | 13th Mar 2018

American Council Exercise (ACE) engaged Lance C. Dalleck, PhD, and his team of researchers in the High Altitude Exercise Physiology Program at Western State Colorado University to investigate the independent health benefits of reducing the amount of time spent sedentary. 439 palabras más

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