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Featured Arcana: 10 of Wands

A good title for the 10 of Wands is “Opression.” I used to take it as a warning—that constantly pursuing the path of your energy will inevitably lead to overwhelming responsibility. 136 palabras más


Introduction to the Ten Sephiroth

I am going to begin a ten part series about each of the sephiroth, or emanations, which make up the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. While there are many ways this can be done, I will begin from the top, with Kether, and work my way down the traditional “lightening bolt” order given on my… 490 palabras más


Featured Arcana: 9 of Pentacles

The ninth sephirot represents Self Reflection; it’s a sort of spiritual funnel that gathers all that came before it, from the top of the Tree of Life… 65 palabras más