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Teacher accused of sex with teen: 'You’re not going to be happy with what you find on my phone'

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. –A high school special education teacher has allegedly admitted to having sex with one of her students, according to WFSB.

The Bridgeport teacher, identified as Laura Ramos, has been charged with second-degree sexual assault. 411 palabras más


Ted Talk: How to practice Safe Sexting

Great information for how to practice safe sexting.  Like most invasions of privacy, it’s about consent.  M

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How To Have A Great Phone Sex With Cam Girls

If your partner is away from you, there is no need to feel lethargic as there is a great option called Phone Sex. It is a great option to jazz up your sex life within no time. 456 palabras más

Phone Sex

Weiner: What's In A Name?

Politician…Two sexting scandals…And his name is Weiner…I know this joke has been beaten to death, but really, what are the chances?

Over the years, my trips to the movie theaters have become pretty scarce and you’re more likely to find me chilling in my living room tuning into a documentary that happened to catch my eye on TV or Netflix.   593 palabras más

Anthony Weiner

Media Watch: Locked Up for Sexting?

A 2014 Drexel University study about teenage “sexting” habits is back in the national spotlight after the U.S. House of Representatives passed a new bill that some lawmakers are calling “overbroad” and “punishing.” 660 palabras más

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How this teen fell into a world of secret sexting, alcohol and drugs (ABC News)

Name a social media app, and 12-year-old Brooke was probably on it.  “FaceTime, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Kik,” Brooke, now 15, told ABC News’ “20/20.”  The California teen got her first taste of social media at a friend’s house at age 11, and then shortly before her 12th birthday, she received a phone of her own – an… 48 palabras más

Dangerous Apps