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Dad Busts Man Sexting His 13-Year-Old Daughter

CHICAGO (CBS) — Ishmael Henry thought he was sexting a 13-year-old girl he met on Facebook.

And for awhile the 20-year-old man was, Cook County prosecutors said. 221 palabras más


28th September

I went to bed a little upset but thought there was little I could do about it. I’d left my phone logged in which I never do but I was glad I had as he replied. 910 palabras más

27th September

Realitively peaceful night. Only woke up a few times. I received a response from Harvey regarding my breasts photo.

H: Give them both a kiss from me xxxxx… 1.251 palabras más

Sexting pre-teens: Experts say Australian children are sending naked images via text

THE bar keeps getting lower and lower. Or, younger and younger.

Children as young as 10 are sending naked pictures of themselves to friends and classmates via text and social media, according to a leading child psychologist. 84 palabras más

Kids as young as 10 caught sending nude photos in sexting scandal

Children as young as 10 are sending nude or semi-nude photos of themselves to other kids, with experts blaming easily-accessible porn sites and social media for the alarming new trend. 9 palabras más

Sexting in 8th Grade – Part II

Last week I shared the story of my long time friend’s experience with her child early in the school year.  Her 5th grader watching her 8th grade friend sexting on the bus.  662 palabras más


Dick Pictures

We have all gotten unwanted dick pictures out of nowhere.

You say “Hi, how are you?”

And they surprise you with an unwanted picture of a small, vein-covered penis. 636 palabras más

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