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Extramarital relationships

Post marriage relationships with person of opposite sex other that your spouse is I guess a reality in most marriages, it can happen to the happiest of the couples, but just because a majority of married population is indulging in it at some point in their lives does not make it less uglier or painful. 646 palabras más

Random Musings

I Need More Than A Relationship Through Text — Thought Catalog

I reblogged this post because with technology the world is getting smaller and meeting people virtually is so easy…but …

Sophea Choun1. I want to get to know the real you.

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Northern men becoming feminised by overusing emojis

Men from the North of England are spiralling into a rapid descent of feminisation it’s been claimed today; with many using emojis to completely replace text conversation. 211 palabras más



(scroll down for YouTube video)

Fantasy’s evolution

On the borderland

Between real and not

Wanted so to write


Find my words stilted

Online friend offered to help… 84 palabras más


Sexting - words vs pictures

I’m definitely a words person. Give me a well crafted, graphically filthy text message over a picture of someone’s bare flesh any day. That photo could be anyone but a text? 226 palabras más


Nudes and Selfies

While I was in the bathroom, which seems to be where I’m always at ever since I started drinking two litres of water a day, I figured the lighting was worthy of a bathroom selfie that I can later use as a profile picture on one of my social networks. 410 palabras más


i was sent an unsolicited dick pic today.  it’s not the first one i’ve received by surprise. it was a fine looking dick, as dicks go.   149 palabras más