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I Miss Sex

Shocker, right? I’ve been apart from my ex for what? Three and a half years now. So it is no surprise that I miss sex with another person. 717 palabras más

Body Image

Teen sues TV station for broadcasting sexting video along with his name

A Colorado TV station is being sued over allegedly broadcasting a mobile phone video of a 14-year-old’s erect penis, his name displayed directly above a YouTube thumbnail image of the video, and his Facebook page showing his contacts and friends. 666 palabras más



My dear students,

tomorrow (but every single day of the year) play it safe in the internet, and information technologies in general (including cell phones)! Be careful and avoid using social accounts if you are not sure they are safe. 375 palabras más


He's no big deal...

So, reverse back to the start of January. I’m talking via snapchat to a certain male who shall remain nameless as this is ongoing. He’s beginning to chat more regularly, open up to me so our conversations are deeper than just those kind of pictures. 470 palabras más


Internet Cheating

Yes  people ask these questions. I’m not sure they don’t know the real answer or if they just hope to get their actions justified:
“If I’m in a relationship, and I sext someone else is that technically cheating?” 131 palabras más


Sexting and the dangers of Hidden Apps

Recently, I was blessed to be sent to a meeting with a local detective for a NoCo police department. Most of the things he was presenting didn’t seem to have much to do with my area of concern but then… someone brought up the question about kids and Apps. 434 palabras más


25 romantic & raunchy love notes for your hubby

who doesn’t love to flirt?
(I hope no one raised their hand…)

flirting is the best guys. and it’s even better after you’re married! 368 palabras más

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