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Sheer desperation

You know how it is, you can see all your friends getting engaged, getting married, babies, oh you name it – they’re doing it and you look at your life (completely missing how wonderful it might actually be) and you think – I need to do that, I need to find that person, whoever they are. 568 palabras más

Sexting, un fenomeno triste (e perverso)

di Tonino Cantelmi

Un adolescente su quattro in Italia l’ha fatto. Più le ragazze, disponibili a offrire parti del loro corpo ai loro coetanei. Più i ragazzi, quando si tratta di umiliare o aggredire le ragazze con video osé. 953 palabras más


Are you on the "Wanted" list?

…at least until Spring fever returns AGAIN!

The predator has pranced and danced all summer long. Warm weather kept his/her spirits and ego high, but sense of sincerity low. 238 palabras más


How about you don't learn English from porn

At this stage in my life, I am classified as a kind of immigrant to this country for however long I am here. For the most part, I hang out with other immigrants meaning that most of the guys I sleep with happen to be immigrants with varying levels of spoken English. 644 palabras más


Revenge Porn?

What is revenge porn? Revenge porn involves distributing sexually explicit media without the consent of the individual(s).

How does this relate the sexting?

Well, when the image or video that you sext to a person gets distributed without your permission online or to another person, that is known as revenge porn. 300 palabras más

Dumb Things Boys Say

“I basically ask you for in order to pay you compliments. lol”

This was the response I got after I called someone out for not being able to have a single conversation with me without asking for a photo (or multiple photos)

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Nineteenth-Century Sexting

(Note that some of the images and links below are slightly NSFW, insofar as watercolor images of breasts are NSFW.)

“Sexting:” Defined by Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary… 399 palabras más

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