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So, as I have said, I have a teen daughter. We watch media reports of teens getting caught sexting, and how they could be labeled sex offenders for the rest of their lives over a silly teen mistake. 216 palabras más

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It’s that time again people, let’s see what my inbox has in store!

Women’s Health

I might try a couple of these out next time and see how well they work… 115 palabras más

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OUT! Calvin Klein (@CalvinKlein) features Same-Sex Couple in New Fall Ad!

Fashion and sexting? An interesting combination, especially when you see Calvin Klein’s latest ad featuring same-sex love. Klein’s Fall 2015 ad, in an effort to captive the eighteen to twenty-five year old demography, is featuring models as couples sexting and arranging hookups! 201 palabras más

Hey Mikey

How a picture of my cock ended up in my HR file.

About 7 years ago I met an older woman online. I was single, very lonely, and very horny. We started talking online and then on the phone, eventually we had lunch and I even visited her work place a few times. 352 palabras más


Nate, Cory, and Jason Ross Show - July 28th, 2015


The show had two major things happen before it started. Ben Zobrist got traded to the Kansas City Royals and Tom Brady will have to serve his 4 game suspension. 109 palabras más



Today I really felt I was going to see some movement and I’m not sure I’m satisfied with what I’ve seen so far…I DESERVE BETTER…Roger didn’t even want to read my blog, he isn’t open to learning how we can better communicate, he is building bridges instead of following his dream and building homes on bridges, he sees his passion of playing the guitar a waste of time; something he didn’t even want to share with me. 254 palabras más