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I said No!

I recently read a post by Ophelia outlining some experiences she had involving being raped by men one of whom she considered to be a very good friend. 1.114 palabras más


The Sexting Master List

Soon I will have my Sexting Master List launched as an eBook and in print.

The App has been performing very well.

As of today’s date 27000 people have installed the Master List. 517 palabras más

Ravi Zacharias Responds

People have been asking about the credentials of Ravi Zacharias for several years resulting in little to no response. The recent allegations of sexting brought about a quick public response after emails and text messages between Mr. 649 palabras más


The Collaring of Lilly

Lilly is a woman who desires extreme submission to a trusted master. Her husband struggles with the reality of disciplining her… and is completely lost when she expresses how discomfort / limited pain exite her. 137 palabras más


Dick Pics and Other Unintended Things Burned into My Retinas

“Oh my God! Look what my sister’s date sent her!”

My friend and I were sitting at a red light several years ago when she flipped her phone around, and I was suddenly confronted by a forwarded photo of some strange guy’s boner. 1.413 palabras más


Lawsuit: New Haven supervisor falsely accused worker of sexting male genitalia

NEW HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) — A bombshell lawsuit against the city of New Haven lays bare claims of sexual harassment and retaliation directed at a male employee of the… 299 palabras más


Sorry, kids, we're those parents

My family is perhaps “stick in the mud” about tech despite being nerdy and internet-dependent.  My husband works for a tech company.  We’re kind of paranoid as parents because of his job.  2.214 palabras más