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Very Brief Letters from the War

by Ken Grobe


May 10th, 1863

To My Beloved Nathaniel,

I yearn for the day we win this damned war against the Union and you are returned home to me. 427 palabras más


Tinder Tales.

So I’m back on Tinder. And to be honest it seems a little less interesting than last year. So In my first session I started chatting to 2 guys… 640 palabras más


The power of words

“I want to greet you at the door, pull down your pants and drop to my knees”.

206 palabras más

Dating in the Internet Age: Catfishing and Statutory Rape

In the new millenium, meeting a significant other is no longer 2 consenting adults at a bar or night club flirting; dating is not a set up by mutual friends.   504 palabras más

Same Mistakes

Whenever a fuckboy does me wrong, I think to myself, Drake would never do this to me. But then I remember that y’all fuckers are the same and he actually probably would. 790 palabras más


My Thoughts on Snapchat

Snapchat is an interesting app in that the content you’re sharing is meant to be either very private or very public, there’s really no in between. 840 palabras más