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Now that the cat is out of the bag…Let’s see a show of hands for all of us who are on the website ASHLEY MADISON. 912 palabras más

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7 seconds - Destroying horrorflik musick ft known scammer runan moon , known sexter koffincreep

You had a problem with 14 – Heres 7 – OB

Ruane Moon is a scam artist – she lied to her fans and stole charity money to move in with her MUCH younger lover Koffycup… 36 palabras más

Horrorflik Musick

Evening Surprise

I love getting pics from the Fuck Boi and his toys when I can’t be there with him.

Made my night. And, he knows full well that come the weekend, I’m going to make sure it gets used properly.

Online Dating and All You Are Getting Are Textationships?

So you’re online dating, enjoying the ride, meeting lots of great people … ONLINE. Person after person, it rarely amounts to a date, forget a relationship … what is it? 618 palabras más


Sirott and Murciano Full Show 08/25/15 - Paul Sullivan, Dominic Chu, and Love Lab

Paul Sullivan talks about the Cubs’ winning streak. Dominic Chu explains the stock market slow down. Bob and Marianne discuss “sexting” in a special Love Lab. 15 palabras más

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Chapter 4 - Hangover Spanking

The headache was excruciating and her stomach was turning. Colette pitied herself were she lay in bed with a pillow hugged between her thighs and the sheets drawn way up to her ears. 1.778 palabras más


Bants in Bed: Happn 2 Bang

I’d met this charming character on Happn. A fairly shit dating app, I didn’t use it very often but he looked hot on his pictures and a fuck is a fuck, right? 393 palabras más

Dating Like Dudes