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I Like Your Meat

This morning began with a text message from one of my playmates and it quickly turned into sexting.  It seems kind of childish, reminiscent of writing notes in school, “do you like me, check yes or no” kind of stuff but I guess it’s what all the kids are doing now. 1.028 palabras más



By Corah Gritton

We are the first generation to not live at any point without modern technology, constant access to the internet and communication with each other has allowed us to be better connected as teenagers, but alongside this there are many negative aspects including cyber bulling and in recent years the widespread phenomenon of sexting. 602 palabras más

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30 PG-13 Text Messages That Are Way Sexier Than Straight Up Sexting

1. “I’m in bed thinking about you.”

2. “I can’t stop thinking about your tongue inside my mouth.”

3. “You make me feel so naughty.” 329 palabras más

sext me.

the act of sexting (text sex) is a good way to keep in touch with your partner and keep your loins stirring for each other when you are apart. 649 palabras más

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It’s been 1 week since I deleted all my internet dating apps off my phone – bye bye Tinder, OKC, and POF.

I feel pretty good about my decision so far even though I have a lot of free evenings. 219 palabras más


Cybercrime – Technology Facilitated Criminal Activity

Cybercrime is considered to be any criminal offence committed via the internet, or using computer technology. It is currently one of the most appealing ways to criminals because the internet facilitates a fast, convenient and anonymous service. 426 palabras más

Olivia Wild

A real good spanking

Lee and I ended up texting, which then turned to sexting. And the following morning he sends me a text wanna come hang tonight and get tied up? 427 palabras más