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Judge Dismisses 'Absurd' Case Against Teen Who Sexted Boy

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A southern Minnesota judge dismissed a child pornography charge against a 14-year-old girl who sent an explicit image of herself to a boy over Snapchat… 411 palabras más


The joys of sext

Now, I accept that sexting has come in for a lot of bad press. Mostly due to people (generally young girls, but not always) taking nude or sexually explicit photographs of themselves for the benefit of a partner, only to have these photos wind up on the internet through a breach of trust on the part of the recipient. 784 palabras más

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7 Apps That Could Hurt Your Teen

Here is some more information for parents to be aware of. Technology is great, but we should all be aware of the downside to it. There are many apps, websites and forums that allow things to go on that you may not be aware of.


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Students Reveal Shocking Social Media Secrets: Sexting, Cyber Bullying, Nude Photos & More

This is a MUST READ for parents! If you want to know what junior high and high school students are really doing on social media, just read what these students shared. 84 palabras más

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All the new links and things

This is just a quick update on what new things I’m on/where you can find me and such. I’ve started camming on MFC, which I’ve had so much fun with! 63 palabras más


In Ontario, Sex Ed Is A Hot Button Campaign Issue, But Here's Why It's So Much More Than That And Should Be Left Alone

It is a truth often painful for parents to acknowledge: our children, lawt help us, will one day reach an age of their choosing and become sexual beings. 310 palabras más


"I think my wife is sending nudes to other people"

In need of some advice. This is gonna be a bit long and it’s two points that somewhat connect.

First, I’m married (2 years) and I love my wife, right now we’re dealing with distance due to my work but things are great as we’ve dealt with it periodically throughout our relationship. 468 palabras más

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