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Girls & the criminalization of sexuality

For this reflection, I want to articulate my thoughts and attempt to draw comparisons upon two texts read in class: ‘Girl Trouble’ by Joan Sangster & ‘Lolita Speaks’ by by Lara Karaian. 359 palabras más

Burnbook: Latest Anonymous App for teens

Anyone who has seen the movie Mean Girls instantly knows what this new app is all about. It is the latest in a series of apps that are designed for teens or young adults and offers a platform for anonymous posting. 404 palabras más



When I had to do a “striptease” in acting class, wow that sounds stupid, you had to choose an adverb. Like sexiest striptease, or drunkest, or angriest. 384 palabras más


Sexting & Intimate Relations: Public, Private & Emotional Corruption

The digitalisation of emotion has been constructed through the sphere of intimacy online, which juxtaposes the two ideologies of public and private. Liberal amounts of research frame the ways women are visually and emotionally exploited through the Internet, with regards to ‘revenge porn’ and sexting online. 938 palabras más

Year Three

How a Song About Church Jumped Up and Bit Me

“Take Me To Church?  OK, I guess you can do that one.”

As an incentive for behavior not commonly found in the average 6th-grade critter, I offer my choir a “Performance Day” when they’ve earned enough points.  751 palabras más


The New Age of Sex Education: How to Talk to Your Teen About Cybersex and Pornography

Yesterday I launched the indiegogo crowd funding campaign for my new book, The New Age of Sex Education: How to talk to your teen about cybersex and pornography. 506 palabras más