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Come follow our blog. question night tonight. Come ask anything. We will answer any question that you ask. The wife and i are at home home relaxing tonight so ask away. 27 palabras más


Sexting revised #no.6 W

Okay so just now i’m texting this dude who’s supposedly into me, i cop ‘if you can’t sleep you should come get in bed with me’ to which i replied ‘Ahah you wish ;p’ He retaliated with ‘I Never said we would be doing anything sexual…’ 89 palabras más

Sexting: The 5 Ws

It has come to my attention that sexting is now the way of the world (i always arrive late to the party guys, cut me some slack) But it leaves me a little underwhelmed and a little overly confused. 599 palabras más


5 Steamy Reasons You Should Most Definitely Be Sexting

Living in a time where people are constantly on their phones can have its downsides, but this is definitely not one of them. Here are a few reasons why everyone should be hopping on the sexting train. 628 palabras más

Do you agree?

(Jt Taylor, 2013).

I am constantly bombarded with terms and conditions as I trawl through the digital landscape. According to Gardiner (2012) it would take longer to read Apple’s terms and conditions than to read Shakespeare’s, Macbeth. 454 palabras más


How to get your kids to sit through the sex talk

It’s not clear who dreads the Sex Talk more, parents or children. Parents know that it’s important to impart their values and arm kids with knowledge, but they don’t know how to approach the subject or how much to say. 1.481 palabras más

Tiger Woods Impersonator's Sexting Scandal Is Different From The Real Thing

How does the saying go about art imitating life? Is it the other way around? However it goes, I don’t think it applies to celebrity impersonators, but a Tiger Woods lookalike getting busted for sexting would have been serendipitous all the same. 204 palabras más