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Pizza, baseball & texting - 1

Today, I watched 2 Ted talks. One is about Sexting, another is about giving Sexual activity a different metaphor instead of playing baseball.

Sexting is when you send your nude images to someone else. 186 palabras más


18 hours in the life of a single girl

Friday night: the art of turning down a date

I had a rough week emotionally, yeah? This and this and this.

Friday morning, I was exhausted as soon as I opened my eyes. 568 palabras más

Dating Misadventures

Love Slave Part 15 - FINAL PART (18+)

Every part of me, from my head to my waist, turns to lead as I drop his note. From somewhere inside my gut, it feels like someone has just released a dagger, and it’s fallen straight through me, ripping me open in every soft and sensitive place I have. 3.085 palabras más


simply sexy

he sent me a video.  i found myself watching it on repeat while i sipped my coffee this morning.

he’s standing in his bathroom in jeans and a dress shirt undone.   130 palabras más


Teen Boy Faces 350 Years in Prison or a Lifetime as a Violent Predator

By Lenor Skenazy:

Zachary is 19 and is awaiting sentencing in a sexting case.

When he was 18, his 13-year-old girlfriend sent him 5 pictures of herself in her underwear. 66 palabras más

Sex Offender Registry

De week (#6) van Patricia Paay

Het is weekend en er is alweer een week voorbij. Deze week was geen kattenpis en ging zeker niet vanzelf. Maar zoals altijd gaat alles voorbij dus ook die langzaamaandag. 626 palabras más


"Let the Threesome Begin"

I got my period the day after Neighbor Boy and I fucked. Being over a week late, it came with a vengeance and I was miserable for the next few days. 550 palabras más

The Boys I Encounter