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Can You Talk That Talk

Before I begin I just want to clarify that I am aware girls have weak chat up skills also but I will go in to that later. 1.022 palabras más


For viewers that are not familiar with BITCOIN, it’s an electronic currency you are going to be hearing a lot more about in the nearly future! 389 palabras más

I suck at sexting.

I would very much love to enjoy it. I suck at it though. I also feel weird doing it. Remember when phone sex was a thing? 234 palabras más


Oh yes, please, more more

So yesterday I got a job offer to write a whole bunch of sexts.

‘Send me an example,’ the guy said.

Damn cheek, I thought, how can anyone doubt my sexting abilities. 260 palabras más


London Calling

The last two nights of my life have been nothing short of bizarre.

Half way through my shift on thursday night I was happy I’d have a few conversations with Calum and Michael to write about. 1.210 palabras más


Sexty and I know It

Do you sext?

Ya know, sending erotic words or pics to your lover?

Much of our communication these days, fortunately or unfortunately, relies on some form of technology. 658 palabras más


25 One-Liner Sexts That Will Make Him Beg You For More

Dear Daddy Issues,
I just started dating someone. It’s super exciting and I really like him! The thing is, he recently started sexting me and I’m feeling the pressure to reciprocate but I don’t know what to say.

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