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Manda nudes

Atenção, o conteúdo a seguir é impróprio para menores de dezoito anos e contém linguagem chula.

–          Realmente, vai fazer muita diferença tirar 700 selfies com um ângulo um grauzinho diferente do outro. 1.583 palabras más

This Is Your First Reaction To Being Sent A Sext, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


“Send me a nude.”


“come FUCK me right now.”


“Want to come over and watch a movie.”


“Hey come cuddle.” 72 palabras más

Top tips for parents on managing sexting

Sexting, as it’s called, is when people send suggestive photos of themselves by mobile phone, and it’s becoming more prevalent among young people. The danger is that an image shared privately may not stay that way for long – and the damage can last a lifetime.

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Thaisiren in Portland

She arrived safely, was detained and interviewed, but actually told the truth and was allowed into the US. I have not looked at her stamp which is germane to how long she will visit, etc. 220 palabras más

Cross-cultural Relationships

Calling for the sexting cease

Hitting headlines recently; talk of Jeremy Hunt arguing social media companies should impose bans from under 18s posting sexually explicit imagery. He believes they have the technology and knowledge at their fingers to enforce this kind of action, therefore they should to increase the safety of young social media users. 996 palabras más

Parents Advised To Be On Watch For Teens' Texting Codes

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — If you want to know what your kids are texting about, sometimes reading the message is not enough.

As CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported, teens often use abbreviations to hide the meaning of their conversations – and there are a lot of new ones you might not know about. 377 palabras más


Sexting - Randy Radio Ep 4

Do you love sexting? Like who doesn’t? Listen to some serious pointers from the one and only Randy Pontiff!