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Not All Of Us Can Automate...

… let us help you with the tedium of an everyday office load. Have problem consolidating worksheets? Matching values across workbooks with hundreds of thousands of records? 54 palabras más

Batch Files

Automatic loading of SSH keys from scripts

When using SSH with public-key authentication, ‘ssh-agent‘ is a useful compromise between storing the SSH private key un-encrypted to disk and having to type the key`s passphrase every time you need to make an SSH connection. 560 palabras más


Ubuntu : Shutdown over SSH

Yippey ! I am writing my first blog post (actually had this on my to-do list for last four years – lazy me) !

Let us discuss about shutting down a Ubuntu machine remotely (henceforth referred to as… 155 palabras más


Update Microsoft Lync (or other applications) while the apps are in use

A colleague recently reminded me that I needed to post more updates to this blog.  I’ve got plenty of updates but life got in the way for a little while. 537 palabras más


Useful Unix commands

A few days ago , I was asked to update an existing script and to make it generic for all instances. Though I understood still working in vi editor was difficult in the starting as I always ended up typing unwanted characters while moving the cursors or deleting the entire script instead of a particular line. 221 palabras más