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How to automatically copy archivelogs from ASM to local disc

This script will create folder on local disk, copy archivelogs of yesterday to this folder and compress folder with zip

. /home/oracle/.bash_profile
cd /home/oracle/backup/rman/archivelogs/
mkdir `date -d "1 day ago" "+%Y_%m_%d"`
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Shell Script to Continuously Monitor CPU Usage and Memory Usage of a Process and write output to CSV file

Hi all, recently I had to do some performance tests at work at AdroitLogic and I wanted to monitor CPU usage and memory usage of a process continuously and get that output to a file so that I can use them to analyze more later with graphs and stuff. 354 palabras más


How to Share OEM Named Credentials

Named Credentials

Named credentials (NC) are an excellent way to support the work performed by OEM users/administrators without requiring them to actually know key passwords. Named credentials also provide a single location to update when the passwords change. 1.506 palabras más

OEM 12c

Asterisk / VoIP Engineer

Designation              :  Asterisk / VoIP Engineer
Job Location            :  
Jaipur & Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

No. of opening         :  2

Salary                       :  Upto  40k

Experience               :  2+ Years… 157 palabras más


[Shell] delete outdated files

오래된 파일 삭제하는 쉘 스크립트입니다.


# var declar

# function declar
function delete_outdated_file {
        find $TARGET_PATH -mtime +$DAYS -type f -exec rm {} \;


# function call

OMS Configuration Backup

The Job system in OEM provides a flexible and reliable means of scheduling custom activities. This can be particularly handy for managing OEM itself.

Backing up the configuration of your management server is essential for recovery and the Job system is great tool for scheduling it. 240 palabras más

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Dropbox Backup Procedure - Copies

This document/post will highlight the requirements and procedure for the installation of Dropbox on a (K | X | L | U)*buntu operating system. Ideally it will cover: 916 palabras más