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Send SMS using Shell Script, checking Transaction Count of Table in Oracle

Being a DBA requires us many a times to step outside our role and solve a problem in a smart way. One of the issues we faced recently with one of our application, was the application server hanging and not being able to function properly. 629 palabras más


Think different, maybe

“I generally come in at least 15 minutes late … After that, I sort of space out for an hour. I just stare at my desk, but it looks like I’m working. 749 palabras más

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I'm Not Waiting - Collect my Metric Extensions Now!

We use OEM to populate other system management systems at our company by providing configuration and metric data of all kinds.  When we get requests that require data that OEM doesn’t collect out of the box, we build metric extensions. 487 palabras más

OEM 12c

/dev/null 2>&1

“/dev/null” is considered as trash location in the Linux based environments. If we are directing any output or errors to the this location then operating system will discard both output and errors. 41 palabras más


Simple Housekeeping Script

Following is the example of simple housekeeping script driven by config file which can work on any Linux based/Unix or AIX environments.

Main Script : – 271 palabras más


Shell Script for Scheduled RMAN Backup

The script will first automatically create the directory and will move the old backup into it then will perform the fresh backup.
The script will manage the full backup of database (Noarchivelog). 109 palabras más


Top DBA Shell Scripts for Monitoring the Database

This article focuses on the DBA’s daily responsibilities for monitoring  Oracle databases and provides tips and techniques on how DBAs can turn their  manual, reactive monitoring activities into a set of proactive shell scripts.  374 palabras más