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Git pull, Merge, Push master branch or specific branch into multiple branches at once using shell script

This post is useful to those who are maintaining multiple branches on multiple servers and merge production branch or any specific branch to all other branches once something gets updated to production branch or the specific branch. 447 palabras más

Automated Scripts

Kludge: Mounting ACFS Thought Shellscript

Just the script. The history is here.
This is a “workaround” script. As always, is recommended to use Oracle Restart, like I posted here… 84 palabras más


Grepping Entries from Alert.log

Hey hey,
One more McGayver by me! Haha
Again to find some information in alert. This time, I’m looking to count and list all occurrences of an action in alert. 366 palabras más


Grepping Alert by Day

Hi all,
For that moment when your alert is very big and some OS doesn’t “work very well with it” (in my case was using AIX), I jerry-ringged the shellscript bellow. 168 palabras más


Not All Of Us Can Automate...

… let us help you with the tedium of an everyday office load. Have problem consolidating worksheets? Matching values across workbooks with hundreds of thousands of records? 54 palabras más

Batch Files