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Mini FF : Lapeeerrrr…

Author : Mr. Jihoon

Cast : SHINee

Genre : Comedy


Usai tampil comeback di salah satu acara live music, kelima member SHINee kembali ke asrama mereka. 1.050 palabras más


Angelic Remnants


scriptwriter Liana D. S.


EXO’s Suho (Kim Joonmyun)

feat SHINee’s Minho, Red Velvet Irene (Bae Joohyun), and f(x)’s Sulli (Choi Jinri) 3.309 palabras más


SHINee "View" Review

I have to admit the teaser didn’t quite leave an impression on me, and I’m not very familiar with SHINee that much, but I still quite enjoyed this comeback. 495 palabras más


Congrats to the Grade 12's

Thanks to the fact that the grade 12’s have graduation today, I have no school! I got to stay home and eat breakfast while watching exo showtime. 358 palabras más


Separation in the Daytime - Chapter 4

Separation in the Daytime

Chapter 4

Genre :

Memory | Love | Romance

Hurt | Fluff


Chapter1|Chapter2|Chapter3|Chapter4 3.613 palabras más


SHINee – Odd (Album)

SHINee’s back with a concert tour and a new album! Known for their unique styling and concepts, the popular group brings new surprises to fans with their fourth album Odd. 50 palabras más