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Love Sick

Title : Love Sick
Cast : SHINee Onew
Genre : Fluff
Length : Drabblet (599 words)
Beta Reader : Tytae Djamal
Writen by : Ayin Perdana 604 palabras más

Ayin Perdana

Take a beat...

And… when inspiration ran dry this week, this is what I did.  I nabbed a photo of Onew, the lead singer in the Korean group SHINee and played around with some double exposure techniques in Photoshop.   50 palabras más

Digital Art

onho fic archive

Hello! This is my ONHO fic archive. Instead of recomendation, I would like just to archive them in one place so I can look back and re-read them. 2.081 palabras más


It's Your Problem, Not Ours!

Sigh. Here am I at the school, looking outside the window, watching the scenery which calms me down. Why? I’m totally pissed! I wanted to listen to our discussion. 2.047 palabras más

Lee Jinki