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From Now On Keychain

Hice estos para regalarlos a mis amigas, la verdad el dije de la torre en realidad es de la torre eiffel lol pero como es lo mas parecido a la torre de tokyo pues me sirvió muy bien.


[Review] SHINee - I Want You (The Story of Light, EP.2)

Here we are with the second part of SHINee’s 6th full album The Story of Light. If you missed out what I thought of the EP.1, you can find my review here:  473 palabras más


My moon, I miss you
Countless nights I beg for your embrace
Yet only shadows of you fill me inside
It creeps my weary soul…

76 palabras más
Life And Adventures

SHINee - Chemistry [Lyrics English Translation]


I have no intension of leaving you alone like a good boy
Don’t even think about sitting there like a frozen painting

When we face each other, we’re more perfect than ever… 377 palabras más