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Attack On Titan (Part 2): End Of The World - Review

Attack On Titan; Hajime Isayama’s highly popular Manga series about a bunch of teenagers fighting off the forces of man-eating giants. This Manga, not two years ago, became it’s very own Anime series and from their it’s popularity skyrocketed to heights never thought attainable by a series of it’s kind. 993 palabras más


First Piece Of Attack On Titan Season 2 Footage Leaked Online

How long has it been since the first season of the Attack On Titan Anime adaptation finished? September 2013 was when the final episode aired so, at this point in time, it’s been just over two solid years. 413 palabras más


First Thoughts: Attack On Titan: Junior High - School's Out!

Attack On Titan is one of the most popular modern Anime adaptations of recent times, which is completely justified considering not only how well it was animated by also how interesting a story it features. 552 palabras más


Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou Episode 1 - First Impressions

The first episode of SKC has come, and it’s the first anime so far this season that I feel met my expectations, if not exceeded them. 352 palabras más


Manga Review: Attack on Titan: No Regrets Volume 2

Book: Attack on Titan: No Regrets Volume 2
Author: Gun Snark
Artist: Hikaru Suruga
U.S. Publisher: Kodansha

Attack on Titan: No Regrets volume 2 is the second half to our Levi/Erwin centered story and brings a little bit of suspense, sadness, and overall development to the story as it shows us why Levi is a part of the Survey Corps. 814 palabras más