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Quick Thoughts: Attack on Titan Season 3

It isn’t hard to see that Attack on Titan paved the way for modern anime fans, especially when it first came out. 341 palabras más

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Attack on Titan S3: The challenge and thrill of the Uprising Arc

After months of speculations and rumours of further delay, Wit Studio finally puts an end to hearsays and decides to release the much anticipated preview of Attack on Titan Season 3. 379 palabras más

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Heroes of the Survey Corps: Alex Emmerson, Episode 2

(Prelude to Attack on Titan)

Heroes of the Survey Corps: Alex Emmerson

Episode 2: Prelude to the attack

In this episode, we get more info about the Angelial Knights; and the previous heroes of the Survey Corps meet their first titan shifter… The second protagonist, Jonan Christopher, also appears for the first time…


Episode 2: Prelude to the Attack

Episode 2: Prelude to the Attack

Scenes 2A— The Trip to Angelia

Fifteen hours after Alex and Keith’s last talk at the cathedral’s tower from Trost, a discreet group of people left the district in a small caravan with ten horses. 2.232 palabras más

Prelude To Attack On Titan


Seriously? As if the Japanese live action one wasn’t bad enough. I swear if Hollywood fucks this up I’m going to commit murder. I’m really skeptical and I don’t have any high hopes (after watching Ghost in the Shell I’ve lost all faith in humanity) but Attack On Titan is one of my favorite animes ever so please for the love of all that is holy and pretty in the world Hollywood better not fuck this up or else they’ll have to face the wrath of all AOT fans combined and trust me it won’t be pretty nor will it end well.


Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 104: The Hype Train Keeps Rolling for Now

Whew. Ok. Shingeki no Kyojin is in one hell of a place right now huh?

Ever since the basement reveal and our trip to Marley the story of Shingeki no Kyojin has been at pretty intense levels of hype and chapter 104 has just enough to keep the hype train rolling. 445 palabras más