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Attack on Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Genres: Action / Shonen / Dark Fantasy / Horror / Drama / Mystery / Tragedy / Dystopia

Plot Summary:

After his hometown is destroyed and his mother is killed, young Eren Jaegar vows to cleanse the earth of the giant humanoid Titans that have brought humanity to the brink of extinction. 86 palabras más


Shingeki no kyojin/ Attack on Titan

The setting of the story is in a city covered with walls (wall maria, wall rose, wall sina) wherein no one, except the titan slayers go out. 154 palabras más


Attack on Titan: Junior High- Trailer Review

Well, who’s ready for Eren’s Declassified Titan Survival Guide? The first trailer for the unexpected anime adaptation of the comedic Attack on Titan spinoff manga, Attack on Titan: Junior High, has just been officially released by Production I.G. 183 palabras más


Kiiyan to reprise Jean role in new Attack on Titan anime

Production I.G. is working on an anime version of the Attack on Titan manga parody, Attack on Titan:  Junior High. Kiiyan, along with the rest of the main cast, will be back. 9 palabras más

Taniyama Kishou

Attack On Titan (Part 1): A New Flavor

It’s one week before the premiere of ‘Attack on Titan (Part 1)’ here in the Philippines! The movie premiered already in U.S. and Japan. I resist myself to read reviews about the movie because I don’t want to be spoiled. 671 palabras más



Hello hello, it’s another month of late entry. The positive spin as usual is that it’s a half month closer to the next chapter. This picture here is not a before-and-after shot of someone who had gotten hair transplant, but rather it’s when someone would’ve commented, “Man, you’ve aged terribly”. 423 palabras más

Shingeki No Kyojin