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Reinforcing Failure: Military Mistakes in Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan is a big deal right now, and I decided I’d take a look and see what I thought. There are always lots of things you can address when you’re watching anime – the plot, characters, art and animation, music, etc. 2.043 palabras más


Abridged: "Attack on Titan" Scene

Ok guys, I know that this may be a bit weird or ‘insulting’ in a way for the super fans of “Attack on Titan”/”Shingeki no Kyojin”, but this made me laugh so much xD… 18 palabras más


Wife defends husband from unseen bullies or something

Substandard Fan Fiction

“Mr. Jaeger, you’re not suppose to be sleeping in class!”

“Oh crap, I’m sorry Mrs. Robinson!”

And quickly after being reprimanded, Eren Jaeger looks at the classroom clock just above Mrs. 688 palabras más

Life And Drama

Fantasy Music: Attack On Titan

Elven forests, fairy tales, and magic wishes are all parts of some of fantasy’s best. Finding fantasy-esque music for that’s easy, just look up Enya and all the related artists. 471 palabras más

Fantasy Music

Fact Check: Mikasa's Cruel World

Anime is full of references to religion, which presents a great opportunity to discuss matters of spirituality.  And that’s the idea behind this column, Fact Check, … 581 palabras más


Courage & Sacrifices

Courage isn’t being fearless, rather it’s setting aside those fears and doubts of yours because something is more important than those things. There are times when you have to stand bravely when, in the inside, you feel like running and hiding. 375 palabras más