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Shout Out - ink'd Fountain Pens

Just received an order from ink’d Fountain Pens. It arrived nice and quick. Very nicely packaged with a nice hand written thank you card. Great service! 29 palabras más



Harold throwing a tantrum.

This is Harold. A bright, happy, energetic boy. He loves sports, music, techy stuff, and most of all, he loves being with friends. 640 palabras más

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Happy Whatever

My wonderful partner is not the easiest person for whom to shop for birthday gifts. He is always so clever with my gifts on birthdays and special occasions. 297 palabras más

5 μύθοι της μόδας που πρέπει να διαγράψεις μια για πάντα

…ειδικά αν θέλεις μια ενημερωμένη γκαρνταρόμπα!!!

Για να μείνεις στην ιστορία ως στιλάτη δε χρειάζεσαι πολλά -αντιθέτως, μάλλον να αφαιρέσεις πρέπει. Και μόνο έτσι θα γίνεις ενσυνείδητη καταναλωτής. 425 palabras más


What is that bulge in your pocket?

For years I’ve walked around with a standard manly wallet. I had two problems with it. The first – it was made of leather. I’m not a fan. 282 palabras más