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Putin declares state of emergency over Siberian fuel spill - Times of India

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered a state of emergency and criticised a subsidiary
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You said that my chest
Is where the caribou’s
Hooves leave their trail,

The pine cones in my
Bones and breath
I held until you felt… 38 palabras más


Irkutsk - Through My Lens

Hi all. I thought today I’d show you some photos from a different region to ones I’ve been concentrating on recently, and take you Siberia. Irkutsk was the first town I stopped in Russia in 2017 as I took the Trans-Mongolian train from Beijing to Moscow. 146 palabras más


Two Narrative Nonfiction Mini-Reviews

I love narrative nonfiction, and in discussing this genre, two titles that inevitably come up as outstanding examples of nonfiction perfectly crafted into a narrative structure are… 1.035 palabras más

Book Review


Wildfires – Siberia

Since the beginning of the year, 5,626 wildfire outbreaks were recorded in Russia ravaging more than 852,00 hectares of territories. However, compared to the same period last year, the number of fires remained the same but the territory decreased by 30%. 96 palabras más


1523 - Chulyen, histoire de Corbeau de Cerise Lopez et Agnès Patron (2016)

A fantastic 2016 about a demiurge that does not fit with our images of the supreme being or the creator. It is plays the trickster being in many culture, especially circumpafic (the Pacific Rim cultures), especially in the North from Siberia to the North Californian Native peoples. 223 palabras más