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Silverlight and Coded UI

Summary so far:

  • The plugin to support Silverlight 5 is not an official Microsoft release (but how many Silverlight components are?)
  • My current error is “The recorded actions have been discarded” , triggered during a record session as soon as I click on a SL window.
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How To : Access SAP Business Data From Silverlight 4 Clients Using WCF RIA Services And LINQ to SAP


The introduction of Microsoft’s WCF RIA Services for Silverlight 4 simplified very much the development process of N-tier business applications using Silverlight and ASP.NET. By using this new technology, we can also easily access and integrate SAP business data in Silverlight clients. 1.005 palabras más


Commanding in Prism

In the screenshot below, the button is enabled because the text box does not contain ‘NO':

In the screenshot below, the button is disabled because the text box… 250 palabras más

Resharper Live Templates

(My YouTube video on ReSharper templates is here.)

I sometimes use expandable snippets in Visual Studio, eg prop, cw, but as I have the luxury of ReSharper, I really ought to look at what that can do for me. 1.172 palabras más

Silverlight: snippet for property backing fields


I know I should define a templated snippet in Visual Studio, but I can’t be bothered right now.

What we need is this, is it not: 242 palabras más

Named methods, delegates, lambdas

For now in a Silverlight context (not that makes any difference to this), when you send a request off to the server to get some data, you have a number of ways of coding the part of the pattern that handles the callback from the Load operation. 91 palabras más

Forms Authentication in Windows

An attempt to link up the domain service and authentication pieces in a picture. Click on it to have any hope of seeing the detail: 262 palabras más