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MariAntonia y el contrapunteo del machete!

He caminado, manejado y volado el país, de esquina a esquina, tengo un abuelo postizo que es Pemón. Mi mamá es de Caripe del Guácharo y entre los pobladores del valle de Kamarata, la conocen como Manón Makuripa. 380 palabras más


TfB Jet Setters

Maybe it’s because we’ve been watching the world cup. Or because it’s summer. Or we’re just getting antsy. But for whatever reason, the Bethune house has caught the travel bug (the kind that nestles in your heart, not your intestines, just to be clear). 76 palabras más


Simón Díaz, Venezuelan Folk Musician, Dies at 85

This obituary by Larry Rohter appeared in The New York Times.

Simón Díaz, one of Venezuela’s most popular singers and comedians who also earned recognition worldwide for his prowess as a player of the cuatro, a guitar-like instrument, died on Wednesday at his home in Caracas. 729 palabras más



El 24 de julio, muchos conmemoramos el natalicio de ese hombre que sacrificó su fortuna para alcanzar la gloria, liberando cinco naciones. En este artículo, nos centraremos en diferenciar a aquellos que pretenden apropiarse del pensamiento bolivariano para su beneficio personal, para engordar sus cuentas corrientes en paraísos fiscales, y los que de manera desprendida ven en Bolívar el ser humano con sentimientos, mujeriego, estadista, guerrero valiente, honesto, demócrata, etc. 599 palabras más

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Going back

“Go out the box”- She said, an extraordinary advice, but it so just happens that, from my part, this has been a life pattern. I have followed this advice not only on most of my academic (and non) assignments but it has also been my way of thinking, of living, trying to always be out of ‘that’ box. 479 palabras más

La Vaca Mariposa

Joropo, The Soul of Venezuela

Joropo is a big part of life in the rural plains region of the Venezuelan llanos. The name “joropo” encompasses a broad spectrum of Venezuelan cultural forms; from dress and poetry to dance and music. 138 palabras más

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Simon Diaz for the Lifetime Achievement Award 2009

I was watching In Plain Sight the other day and I was laughing when the main character’s mother explained to her that it is when we share details of our daily lives that we connect with each other.   316 palabras más

Simon Diaz