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Unleashing Hell ... On Schedule!

First of all, I would love some feedback on this. Whether in the comments below or through your social media of choice, or regular ole’ e-mail.  603 palabras más


Matt Groening Leaves Viewers of 'Disenchantment' With a Terrifying Cliffhanger

This review contains spoilers for season 1 of “Disenchantment.”

First, let’s discuss that ending…

Good news– Netflix has renewed Matt Groening’s animated sitcom “Disenchantment.”

Bad news– fans have to wait until September 20th of 2019 to find out the fate of Bean and literally the whole Kingdom of Dreamland. 148 palabras más

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Don’t Tell Me to Smile

Stop telling us to smile. Stop telling us how to exist. Stop paying us less. Stop touching us without consent. Stop legislating our bodies. Stop blaming our clothing for your lack of self-control.



Lemonade and Turnip Juice

“Lemon of Troy,” season 6, episode 24

The Springfield/Shelbyville rivalry has always been a fun through line in The Simpsons, and no other episode covers it better than season 6’s exciting “Lemon of Troy.” Springfield has a lemon tree (apparently)! 771 palabras más


Orange Vaping Bad

What you should know about vaping and e-cigarettes
Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

Why do Ted Talks always have to be fifteen minutes of filler when they could tell you the basics in a minute? 63 palabras más

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Couch Shopping

I just bought a couch, but now I’m in need of a new one.

Thankfully, furniture stores are literally always having a sale (but if everything is always on sale, is it really ever on sale?). 27 palabras más

News Roundup 5-27-19

I took last night off to spend time with my family, but now I’m back and ready to jump right into it. I’m also going to be adding adding a new aspect to every section titled IMO. 679 palabras más