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The Problem of Evil

“Whoever reflects on the origin of sin cannot engage himself in a merely theoretical dispute; rather, he is engaged, intimately and personally, in what can only be called the problem of sin’s guilt” (Sin, p. 929 palabras más


What is Sin?

The Greek word which has been translated as sin in our Bibles is hamartia which means to miss the mark or to err. An example I would use is this, If a designed designs a car to be run using petrol and I decide that I am bot going to use petrol but water, then you could say that I am not using the car according to the designer’s instructions. 474 palabras más


Taking it all in
one long moment

sitting there
on the edge of the bed
with a gun in your hand
blood on the sheets… 71 palabras más


A Calm Anger?

The scripture for today, April 4 (4/4), is Psalm 4:4 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“In your anger do not sin.” 589 palabras más

Saved From Hell

Enough is Enough

When is enough, enough? I rise to the call for action often. Work 19 hours out of 24 hours. Try to take a night for mental health when it appears slow so that I don’t work seven hard days in a row and end up working through the night from home. 540 palabras más


You can't blame many people for being happy whenever death or disaster strikes that benefits them in some way...

They were raised by society that way, President retires new one steps in, boss quits someone gets a promotion, 1 million people die and suddenly there is welfare funding and housing available. 348 palabras más


How Dare You! (Judges 13-15)

I am bothered by what I read today in God’s Word. Samson killed a lion with his bare hands. Then later he saw that bees had built a nest and were producing honey in the rotting carcass of the lion. 698 palabras más

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