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Blizzard Made A Little Anime, And It's Great



Heroes of the Storm is getting a skin pack that turns everyone into mecha. Which gave Blizzard the perfect excuse to ditch the lavish 3D cinematic clips it’s known for and make an anime instead. 40 palabras más


Project Skincare

I must admit, I was definitely blessed in the skin department, and luckily have never had to deal with bad acne or big skin concerns. However, like most gals I do have a visit from a lovely, painful face demon or 3 around *that* time of the month which can really affect my self confidence. 562 palabras más


Stay Golden

I only recently started getting into skincare products, and I know I’m late to the game. The rise of brands like Glossier and The Ordinary, as well as the collaborative community of reddit’s skincare addition board, skincare is a lot less daunting to approach. 313 palabras más

Mood Board

Night time Skincare Routine on a Budget

Helllllo, I’m back!

Sooo as a student, the funds are pretty low and by low i mean I’m so far into my overdraft it hurts (lol). 817 palabras más


I have developed somewhat of an addiction with face masks over the last 6 months and am slightly embarrassed to say I have an entire draw full of them. 289 palabras más


Accutane Diary Week 7 - Are Things Looking Up?

Hello everyone! I think this will just be a very short update this week as I just finished work.

At the start of the week, I began to feel quite emotional and frustrated. 256 palabras más


Add a spinkle of glamour to your home this winter with one of our gorgeous uber girly art prints!

So unique, so fun and soooo stylish!! 56 palabras más