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How to write after Callon's performativity? (final part)

How to write after Callon’s performativity? José Ossandón.

Part III. The characters

The previous section was about the research persona created with Callon’s performativity thesis. It showed that Callon used Garcia-Parpet’s case to create a new position to approach markets. 2.579 palabras más


Philosophy Forum 11/10/2018 -Nikos Papastergiadis: Does philosophy contribute to an invasion complex? Sloterdijk the antagonist and the agonism of Mouffe

Dear All

this week a short paper on Sloterdijk and Mouffe before our return to the discussion on Neurosis and Assimilation.

The meeting is in UL102 14:15-15:45 and reading is here.



Sloterdijk, 1.10.2018: Gretchenfragen

„Nach Gott“ – Peter Sloterdijks gesammelte Texte zur Religion

Thomas Claer

Dieses Buch ist lange bei mir liegen geblieben, länger als ein Jahr seit seinem Erscheinen. 805 palabras más

Über Bücher

The Practice of Wisdom

Wisdom is not a mind-hack or life-hack or any kind of hack. It’s not a way of cutting through life’s difficulties with tips or tricks. It’s not a set strategies or operations that can be adopted in piecemeal or applied in pertinent situations. 701 palabras más


Thinking about media

In today’s age of fake news and fake reversals of fake news, you might find it worthwhile to see what others have thought about media. It starts predictably with the question what a medium actually is. 779 palabras más