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Capital Punishment Accpetance Bell Curve Distribution.

Quite frequently you will hear somebody say that “they wish they would bring back the death penalty” usually as a result of some news story about the latest horrific child molester or something similar. 1.083 palabras más

Social Media: Pulling us Apart Rather than Bringing us Together?

Social media…the world seems to become more and more reliant on it every day. We use it to stay connected with friends and family, keep up-to-date on the news, even to send texts and make calls since it can run off of Wi-fi instead of cellphone data. 840 palabras más


Teresa's Kinda Cute

Things are progressing with Teresa! Is it time to

Tie the Knot

Break it Off Gently


Have a Few Good Friends

Great! You have a tight knit group of friends that you can trust. Do you

Create a Tech Start-up With Them

Realize Teresa’s Kinda Cute


Have a Bunch of Friends

Way to make some friends! Things are going great, but are some feelings emerging?


Todd looked at me weird!

Todd looked at me with his tender eyes!