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Lest we forget: the full Trump record

• Covid-19: America’s done virtually the worst of any advanced nation. Economy shut down, but so chaotically we got huge infection and death rates anyway. Fumbled for two crucial months while the virus spread. 2.674 palabras más


Obsession in another language.

I don’t think when you hear I watch Korean dramas and you roll your eyes you fully understand the complexities of having an obsession in a language that’s not your native tongue. 478 palabras más

West Cork takes the top of the town at the Autumn Sale in GVM Kilmallock 2020

The final Autumn Hereford Sale took place in GVM Kilmallock last Friday 23rd October. A number of double entered bulls which were sold the previous week in Tullamore along with a number of private sales led to a total of 19 bulls appearing on the day out of the catalogued 27. 512 palabras más


Review: Trial Of The Chicago 7

I seldom do many reviews but in this case I will make an exception…..

You see I am an old fart and remember this trial well…..the Netflix handling of this historic trial was good and even sort of accurate……but they did state that it was “based on an actual incident”……but first…..who were the Chicago 7? 750 palabras más



Standing outside the delivery room,
Hands folded, eyes closed,
They were praying for a fair-skinned boy.

As I came out of my mother’s womb, 
They all leapt with joy, 
Tears in their eyes,
Smiles on their faces,
They hugged each other,
And celebrated. 815 palabras más

Blue Shadow

Blue shadow
In the
Interrogation chair
Blue tongues
That keep jumping
Out of my mouth
Like a babbling brook

Blue shadow
In the prison cell… 22 palabras más


Vicarious Liability of Hospitals

The medical career is one of the oldest, and most humanitarian, professions. After Lord, doctors in India are considered as second life savers. In contrast to other cases of neglect, the quality of care rendered by physicians and hospital authorities is expected to be higher. 1.648 palabras más