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Misology, the opposite of Philology

οὐκ ἔστιν ὅ τι ἄν τις μεῖζον τούτου κακόν πάθοι ἢ λόγους μισήσας. Plato, Phaedo 39D

It is not possible that anyone suffer an evil greater than that he should come to hate rational conversation (λόγους, lógous, lit. 102 palabras más

Mirror reflecting back at me

They say that those who judge others find those same fault within themselves. Your words and opinions are a mirror image of yourself – of your subconscious thoughts and beliefs. 129 palabras más


Being your own Socrates

In this article we will be in close contact with Socrates. Why? Because he is my master in coaching. We all know that he was a classical Greek philosopher, that he never wrote a book and was sentenced to death. 367 palabras más


Kierkegaard, Socrates, Jesus Christ, Manning, Assange, Snowden, the unexamined life and the crisis of modernity

Professor Jon Stewart

It’s week three of my philosophy MOOC. Our doughty professor (Jon Stewart, PhD, Dr theol & phil) is so shy and so nervous recording his pieces to camera that he can scarcely breathe. 2.132 palabras más


Thinking Deeply

At the entrance of 2015 I returned to working out.  Although, my past “work outs” were in a dojo, I joined a gym in January. I felt I needed to stay healthy and in shape in order to enjoy life and be comfortable in my own skin.  711 palabras más

Spiritual Growth

Too Much Knowledge??

I am super excited to tell you that this blog has been met with mostly very positive feedback.  Here is a little snippet from an online conversation I had with a friend recently. 641 palabras más


Of anime, books and Danish Philosophers

The gap between each of my posts is steadily increasing and I am truly, truly saddened. And sorry.

It’s been nine days since I last posted and maybe I start that invaluable habit of queuing posts only they won’t be daily life posts then. 442 palabras más