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Socrates, Philosophy, and the Military Virtues

One of the facets of history that i find most amusing is to reflect on the differences between the Greeks and the Romans. I think it is safe to say the Romans when they were virtuous were hardworking, sober, pragmatic, disciplined and devoted to their state and to their duty. 831 palabras más

Platonic Dialogues

My Name

When you live in the United States and your name is Socrates, it is fairly easy to infer that you will effortlessly gain a widespread reputation; sometimes without doing anything close to significant. 1.069 palabras más

Ancient Greece

3 L's

From my 3L series. This cartoon is a mild historical challenge. Either you know the secret or you gotta do some research. It’s not all that hard to understand.


Taking Issue With Homer: We Shouldn't Approve of Achilles (Plato, Republic 390e-391a)

Earlier today I posted some fragments from Plato the Comic poet. Here’s a bit from that other Plato, you know, the philosopher.

“We should not praise Achilles’ teacher Phoinix as speaking prudently when he advises him to take the gifts and defend the Achaeans, but not to give up on his rage without the gifts. 40 palabras más


The History of Lint

Welcome Dear Reader to Linda’s History Lessons.  Today’s lesson is:  The History of Lint.

Lint and the Ancient Egyptians

The very first mention of lint in recorded history was in Egypt.   335 palabras más


Protagoras by Plato (trans. Stanley Lombardo and Karen Bell)

“While the power of appearance often makes us wander all over the place in confusion, often changing our minds about the same things and regretting our actions and choices with respect to things large and small, the art of measurement in contrast, would make the appearances lose their power by showing us the truth, would give us peace of mind firmly rooted in the truth and would save our life” – …

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