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The current occupant of the White House in Washington has stated on more than one occasion that Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals.  If true, it would logically follow that, if your father was an immigrant from Mexico, he was, unarguably, a rapist and criminal. 917 palabras más


Cover Letter

(Originally published by The Journal of Microliterature)

Norman White
22 Sparrow Lane
Providence, RI
May 1, 2014

Sally Amen
Director of Advancement
Handel University… 714 palabras más

Mischief Time With Cresser

I made a sandwich!

Dear Annie: How do you get your relatives to bring the right food at family gatherings? Last year, I sent out emails and asked each couple to bring a specific item: i.e., four sandwiches or other items so that our hostess (namely Grandma) wouldn’t have to cook or prepare food.

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Reason in Philosophical thought

During  the  early  ancient  Greek  era,  roughly  around  the  6th  and  7th  century  BC,  the  Greeks  began  to  conceptualize  how  humans  thought.  There  emerged  a  concept  of  ‘reason’  that  accounted  for  the  mere  act  of  thinking.  388 palabras más

The Pursuit of Happiness, Black Coffee & The Nothingness in Everything.

My Socratic Oath:

Perpetual confusion is perhaps the most honest state of being.

I have none of the answers,

and all of the questions!

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Problem solving.

Dear Annie: This is in response to “Mom Running in Circles,” whose daughter is in her 20s and constantly goes to her with problems yet seems uninterested in solutions.

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Philosophy of Music I: The Republic

Plato’s The Republic was written around 360 B.C.E, shortly after his teacher, Socrates, died. The work is an elenchus, a Socratic form of writing consisting of a series of dialogues intended to elicit philosophical thinking and reasoning, that Plato used to suppose what the ideas of his late mentor may have been. 350 palabras más

Classical Music