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What is Liberal Education? By Leo Strauss: Quotations

What is Liberal Education?”, by Leo Strauss, was an address to the Tenth Annual Graduation Exercises of the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults on June 6th, 1959. 1.365 palabras más

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In our effort to both educate and amuse, we are constantly seeking out famous quotes that bring home the point that we are making.  Some of our website readers have told us that they often want to use a quote that they saw on our site but have to search through a number of pages before finding it. 1.070 palabras más


On You: A Haiku

Unheard and angry
Misunderstood and tuned out
Nothingness finds you

When Socrates Heard the Story of Job

For Jonah

In the long room hard by a street of marble cutters

they have taken turns submerged in a large pithos of greasy water, 1.760 palabras más


Book Review: Socrates Meets Kant by Peter Kreeft Ph.D.

TheBreakaway | BreakawayConciousness
Zy Marquiez
August 18, 2017

Socrates Meets Kant – The Father Of Philosophy meets His Most Famous Influential Modern Child by Peter Kreeft Ph.D. 392 palabras más