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Crito: Listen to Some

Plato is known for writing about Socrates and his ideas. In some of his works, Plato also discusses how Socrates died and the events that led to this moment. 562 palabras más


The Theology of Emperor Julian

Emperor Julian (aka “Julian the Apostate”) was the last pagan ruler of Rome. His paganism is significant because he reigned in the mid fourth century – after Constantine initiated the cultural reversal that would elevate Christianity to favored status within the empire. 144 palabras más

Voltaire: Candide – Analysis of the Enlightenment

“Let’s work without speculating; it’s the only way of making life bearable.” This sentence is found at the end of Voltaire’s novel, Candide. Written during the Enlightenment, the book is a scathing criticism of the most cherished ideal of the period – that the power of reason will lead humanity to happiness. 426 palabras más


The Just City | Jo Walton

I picked up this novel mainly because I found the inclusion of time travel and Greek gods quite fascinating but wasn’t quite sure how much I would enjoy the philosophy and art discussion. 323 palabras más


The Story of Life

What is life if not an adventure story?   I was just at an excellent writer’s conference in which I attended a workshop about the structure of a story.   924 palabras más

G.K. Chesterton

Trump and political correctness

Two coworkers, John and Jerry are taking a break. Jerry glances at an old glue like residue on the wall of the break room. He doesnt realize that in its place was a informational sheet of paper outlining what not to talk about in the workplace. 518 palabras más


The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.