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The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman


This book tells the story of Dan Millman, a young man in his junior year at the University of California who is training to become a world-champion gymnast. 509 palabras más


Poem Challenge Nomination Day 1/3 by Tent Ninja

Thank you bjgaulton for nominating me for a challenge. The first time I have been nominated for anything on here so it will be interesting to see how it turns out :) 206 palabras más


Origins 3.

Under the sea sat a long forgotten statue of Socrates, poised to contemplate the depths of the universe for the rest of eternity. A thousand years later, the statue was discovered and raised from the ocean’s floor. 28 palabras más


A word from Socrates

“Strong minds discuss ideas,

average minds discuss events,

weak minds discuss people.”


Did Socrates have our media or god forbid our society in mind?

142 palabras más

Reading Philosophy in the Eyes of a Scientist

As a budding scientist, I unsurprisingly and unavoidably read texts with a certain degree of bias. Things related to science and truth naturally jumped out at me more than other topics. 519 palabras más


The Cave. 

It is a sullen day. Forsaking the exhausted sun, I walk into the wood. Lilac blooms, birds chirp, and the last rays of sunlight weakly bid the trees farewell. 859 palabras más