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Ništa više ne bode oči nečasnim ljudima od čoveka plemenitog duha.

Kao trn u oku, kao so na rani, kao kamen u cipeli, on smeta. 81 palabras más


The Fitopian Model: Maslow & Socrates Walk Into a Barbell

The contributions of Abraham Maslow, a psychologist of particular renown, may be the single most important set of ideas for the practical advancement of mankind. His “Hierarchy of Needs” has become an intrinsic part of many study materials, and has been applied to schools of thought ranging from marketing to human behavior to philosophy. 453 palabras más


Idealism and Disillusionment in Lent

Today, my political theory class discussed Socrates and Crito. The Crito is a discussion between Socrates and one of his followers, Crito, where Crito tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Socrates to escape Athens after he has been convicted and sentenced to death.  545 palabras más


Meno, by Plato

Socrates, before I even met you I used to hear that you are always in a state of perplexity and that you bring others to the same state, and now I think you are bewitching and beguiling me, simply putting me under a spell, so that I am quite perplexed. 284 palabras más


Call Me an Expert

I’m an expert.

Whatever you want to know, just ask me. A quick trip to Wikipedia, a glance at a news website and some soundings in the blogosphere (which, by the way, is a word that I detest) and any topic is mastered. 602 palabras más

Bar Conversations And Cheap Advice

Awareness: So knowing is living?

Raheel Amer

The pot-bellied-&-popeyed Grecian philosophy geek Socrates, while on one his wisdomy streeteerings of the cobblestone pedestrian meshwork of Athens, bumped into a megalith of an “Awareness”, which he had little idea would later be quarried and carved into the cornerstone of his thoughtopolis, obviously by the one who even didn’t see it coming. 536 palabras más