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Houdini Test

This is my first attempt at using Houdini in my work flow.  Houdini is a powerful procedural modeling and animation tool that is widely used for VFX productions–think explosions, fire, floods, etc.   291 palabras más


Soldado caído

El silencio,
El aturdimiento de tus bombas
y el llanto de tu mirada inmóvil

Me doy cuenta que estamos en zona de guerra
y cada paso que doy, esta minado… 45 palabras más

Padre De Soldado Fallecido En Yemen Se Niega A Reunirse Con Trump

Bill Owens, padre de William “Ryan” Owens el soldado que falleció en un operativo el 27 de enero en un campamento de al-Qaida en Yemen, dijo que se reusó a reunirse con el presidente Donald Trump cuando este fue a la base área para recibir el ataúd de su hijo. 35 palabras más


Taylor Sheridan Talks 'SOLDADO'

Taylor Sheridan recently assisted the 2017 Sundance Film Festival to promote his directorial debut Wind River. Sheridan is known for behind the screenwriter of Sicario  228 palabras más


Most Anticipated Films of 2017: Part 3

Part 1: 50-41
Part 2: 40-31

30. The Mountain Between Us (Oct 20)

Acclaimed international director Henry Abu-Assad is making this film about a man and a woman who survive a plane crash and have to depend upon one another for their safety and survival.  889 palabras más


10 Films to keep an eye on in 2017

2017 is absolutely chock full of sequels, blockbusters, franchise starters and the likes, however there are always lower key affairs that could blow your socks off, you just need to know where to look. 1.338 palabras más

General Musings

Is Soldado going to be a franchise?

Soldado is the sequel to the 2015 film Sicario. The film is in production right now and is likely to be released next year. It is intended as the next entry in a series with further instalments to come. 827 palabras más