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Game of Thrones 1.06: A Golden Crown

Nobody intended it this way, buy Arya’s training with Syrio Forel was essentially her induction into a cult. In reading the books – experiencing all of this information for the first time – it completely escaped my notice that when Arya went to Braavos with nothing but the clothes on her back, she already had tremendous respect for at least one Braavosi. 622 palabras más


Game of Thrones 1.05: The Wolf and the Lion

“The Wolf and the Lion” came as quite a surprise to me – it has the first major scene from characters that never had a point of view in the book (ironically, neither a Wolf nor a Lion). 818 palabras más


Game of Thrones 1.04: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

As of episode 4, the series has moved past the major opening events of A Game of Thrones, which will probably influence the color of my analysis somewhat. 543 palabras más


Game of Thrones 1.03: Lord Snow

I almost forgot to take commentary notes for this episode because I was just enjoying being along for the ride. Part of that is because this episode emphasizes something I came to learn reading the Song of Ice and Fire series: this is a universe where the truly irredeemable get their just desserts. 925 palabras más


The Trouble with Time is:

I haven’t read in ages, and I blame Game of Thrones.  Okay, so maybe part of it is that I feel like I don’t have enough time.   400 palabras más


Game of Thrones 1.02: “The Kingsroad”

As we get to “The Kingsroad”, it seems I’ll be commenting more on the events than on the production. This is going to be very odd for me; my brain tends to gloss over the events of an adaptation, incorporating the new visuals in with the story that is already there along with a healthy coating of “of course that happened”. 949 palabras más


Game of Thrones 1.01: “Winter is Coming”

The first thing that I notice about “Winter is Coming” is that for a show that is known for its violence and nudity, they sure seem to shy away from it a lot. 1.754 palabras más