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THE WAIT (or why does it take so long to write a good book?)

Noooooooooo I yell as I finish the last page. I put the book down and sit staring at the walls, letting the last residues of the book’s world wash over me. 514 palabras más

Angus And Robertson

Game of Thrones & Ye Diddly Dee

TV programmes can be great at spreading words and popularising their use. The rise in the UK of hitherto unknown terms such as “douchebag”, for example, I lay squarely at the door of US TV shows. 719 palabras más


Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents: Game of Thrones special

With Season 5 looming, the Game of Thrones stars have teamed up with BBC Three for a special episode of Sun, Sex, and Suspicious Parents 230 palabras más

Game of Thrones Season 5 Power Rankings - Intro

By D.G. McCabe

The last two seasons have caused serious shakeups in the roster of characters on Game of Thrones.  In order to keep up, here’s an update for power rankings purposes on which characters count for which houses and who we need to drop.  316 palabras más


New Game of Soaps Set!

This year’s Game of Soaps (inspired by Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire) set is a bit smaller than last year’s; only four soaps instead of seven. 518 palabras más

Game Of Thrones

'Game of Thrones,' George R.R. Martin, and the Death of Spoilers

There’s an old joke: How can you tell if someone’s read the Song of Ice and Fire books before watching Game of Thrones? Oh, don’t worry, they’ll tell you. 989 palabras más

Delay of Game... Of Thrones...

So the word has come down that HBO is officially looking to start forging its own path on the Game of Thrones TV series, since despite his five book lead on them, George R. 878 palabras más