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Everybody loves Jon Snow

There is no way that Jon Snow is dead. First of all, nobody would spend all the time and effort trying to develop a character like him only to have him shanked before you find out the answers to any of the questions you’ve been led to ask. 74 palabras más


Character of the day #1 or technically fandom post of the day #1

Gee whiz…i got an OVERWHELMING response to my earlier posts and that’s just after I was somewhat regular for 48 hours! Can you imagine? Crazy. Anyway so if I want to be regular I see people do like quote of the day or word of the day and since technically this is a FANDOM blog, I’m going to do Character/fandom thing of the day! 1.074 palabras más

Valar Morghulis and What Makes Good Storytelling

Warning: Massive Game of Thrones spoilers here. Don’t read unless you’re all caught up!  So my first premise here is that I haven’t read the books. 2.123 palabras más


Game of Thrones: What's the hype over it !

The Television series had just aired the finale of the season 5, while there is no more books to read ,all G.R.R.Martin fans are going crazy over the net !. 1.135 palabras más


Teaser Tuesday

A bookish meme created by A Daily Rhythm. Anyone can join in. Just go to a random page and write the first two sentences. No spoilers! 338 palabras más

Storytelling in Game of Thrones

As a dedicated fan of both the books and the show, I have spent the last week reading reviews and reactions to the highly anticipated Game of Thrones season 5 finale, and after all that I wanted to throw my two cents into the pot. 1.497 palabras más

The Doors of Ice and Fire

Okay, hear me out.  I’m throwing this blog together without giving it much thought, because, well…I just have to make sure I’m not completely crazy.  Or, you know…more crazy than I already believe myself to be. 819 palabras más