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A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms review

This latest collection of Westeros novellas will come as a delight to those who like exploring the backstory and simpler aspects of Martin’s world and a frustration to those who wish he’d just finish the next book already! 427 palabras más

Can You Answer These Ridiculously Hard Game of Thrones Questions?

Here’s a question that only true Game of Thrones fans can answer (without Google): In A Storm Of Swords what is the name of of the ruined castle Bran visits where, in Old Nan’s stories, the rat cook baked a prince in a pie and served it to the prince’s father the King of Andal? 245 palabras más

Confessions of a Writer Tag!

Hey everyone! Got a pretty fun comment from the wonderful Sam over at Taking on a World of Words the other day nominating me for Confessions of a Writer Tag! 1.676 palabras más


George RR Martin

In what has to be the blurriest selfie I’ve ever taken, here is a picture of me and Game of Thrones author George RR Martin. I went to a book release/signing for his new collection A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and had about five seconds to snap this picture! 75 palabras más

Lucky Me

This University Is Offering A Game of Thrones Course Exclusively for Book Readers

Students at the University of British Columbia are now being offered a course focused on Game of Thrones. But in a twist almost as merciless as the Red Wedding itself, only those who have read the books will be allowed to enroll in the class, rather than fans who have exclusively experienced the world of Westeros through the show. 211 palabras más

the Falcon Throne [book review]

While the latest Karen Miller’s A Blight of Mages was mostly a chore to read, this novel The Falcon Throne starts a new series in a completely different universe. 357 palabras más


NYCC 2015: House Tyrell & Martell Hold a Strong Panel

Five seasons after his character shaved a man’s chest and gave him a blowjob on the popular HBO show Game of Thrones, Finn Jones’ reflected on his first day on set as well as the years that followed, with a panel of hundreds of fans at New York Comic Con. 343 palabras más

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