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The first figure of my Wildling Army

So with Easter out of the way and after a longer brake in painting Game of Thrones related figures, the Westfalia halfmen got in the way, here is the first figure of my Wildling bow unit for Dragon Rampant. 49 palabras más


A(nother) Review: The Four Legendary Kingdoms by Matthew Reilly

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

What even is a guilty pleasure? If we enjoy something… why should we feel guilty about it?

It was the phrase guilty pleasure that came to me when I started reading… 424 palabras más


Game of Thrones - The Board Game 2nd Edition

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones…

986 palabras más

The Best and Worst Episodes of Game of Thrones

A while back I ranked every episode of The X-Files and posted by top ten and bottom ten.  After giving the Game of Thrones series a full rewatch, I thought I would do the same.  2.077 palabras más


Every Time I Experiment with Narcotics, George R. R. Martin Releases a Book in the A Song of Ice and Fire Series

August of 1996 was a rough month in my life. It’s the month I lost the man I called “Dad”, even though he was more like a grandfather. 3.211 palabras más


Portrait of Andrea

I’d like you to meet Andrea Potatoborn., also known as Andrea the Wise, Queen of the Pelvic Floors and  Lymphedema; Mother of Goniometers; First of her name. 355 palabras más