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Song of Ice and Fire

There are too many people who blog about the Game of Thrones, since the TV show has become quite a sensation and almost a household name, but there are only a few people who can claim to have read the book series in its entirety, and I can proudly claim that I belong to the fewer side. 865 palabras más

Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season 7, Episode 2

The fast paced action that was promised has begun! Euron the crazy pirate appears to be a worthy adversary for the time being. Now, Power Rankings: 325 palabras más


"All of these authors engage in world-making in a deep sense"

But in one respect, the world of Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire is just as traditionally fantastical as the worlds of Grandfather Tolkien, Pious Uncle C.

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San Francisco AVP Part 2 (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Some players make highlight reels. I am not one of those players. High-line shots aren’t included in a Best Hits montage and I’ve yet to walk around a tournament and overhear, “Did you see that routine dig Billy Allen had? 885 palabras más


Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season 7, Episode 1

And we’re back! After over a year we finally have some new Game of Thrones to discuss. Let’s jump right into the power rankings:

1. House Targaryen… 361 palabras más


The ninth Wildling Archer

Here is the ninth archer model . Again a strait build from the frostgrave barbarian box.