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Predicting the Ending Of Game of Thrones

There’s a video above for the people who can’t be arsed reading, enjoy. Now before I get into it, this is a epic series with multiple characters and iv got no chance of predicting what will happen to all of them. 324 palabras más

Greedy Beetle

Snowbeard Jon and Sam Ice Eyes

This is a quick and easy one :) and maybe a tad crackpot.

Wow, I never noticed that Sam is Brandon Ice Eyes . History repeats, just with a twist. 1.034 palabras más


Bran the wooden puppet boy

So, as usual, when I avoid doing any real world work I start poking around in ASOIAF world. Reality is such a silly place. I am trying to keep this main post updated with all relevant info for easy reading, but feel free to scroll through all of the posts. 3.747 palabras más


My Time with GRRM at Balticon

As always, this is an editing work in progress.

The Donation Dinner on Thursday, May 26, 2016:

*quick note: anything that I “quote” means it was a direct quote from George as he said it. 3.984 palabras más


Bakkalon the Pale Child, and Flames

Magali Villeneuve

This is one of the many opposing-parallels between Daenerys and Bran. Martin has clearly taken his first ideas from the story And Seven Times… 5.183 palabras más


The Silver Queen-Coin


A Storm of Swords – Daenerys VI
“Taint?” Dany bristled.
“I am no maester to quote history at you, Your Grace. Swords have been my life, not books.

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Game of Thrones Wins Location Manager Guild Award

Another Jewel in the Crown for the folks at Game of Thrones as the HBO’s hit series bags the Location Manager Guild Award for outstanding locations. 168 palabras más