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The Best and Worst Episodes of Game of Thrones

A while back I ranked every episode of The X-Files and posted by top ten and bottom ten.  After giving the Game of Thrones series a full rewatch, I thought I would do the same.  2.077 palabras más


Every Time I Experiment with Narcotics, George R. R. Martin Releases a Book in the A Song of Ice and Fire Series

August of 1996 was a rough month in my life. It’s the month I lost the man I called “Dad”, even though he was more like a grandfather. 3.211 palabras más


Portrait of Andrea

I’d like you to meet Andrea Potatoborn., also known as Andrea the Wise, Queen of the Pelvic Floors and  Lymphedema; Mother of Goniometers; First of her name. 355 palabras más


Wishes are for Little Girls

I’ve given up wishing for you
I’m going to stop searching for dandelions to blow
Stop staying up late waiting for the clock to hit 11:11… 88 palabras más


The Paradox of the Unsound Gut

How paradoxical it is that the person who makes the butterflies in your stomach do triple back flips, who makes you feel uneasy, and who triggers your anxiety is also the same person who can calm the storm in you and make it all go away.


Game of Thrones Cake

Durrrr d duur durrrr durrrr dur dur durrrrrrrr, Yes your’e absolutely right, that was the Game of Thrones theme tune!

I was super happy with how this cake turned out, you may have seen my recent tutorial on how to make this exact cake topper (take a look here!) 160 palabras más