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Have you ever worked really hard for something or even for someone? Have you ever worked really hard for someone, and it went unnoticed or that person even messed up what you worked so hard on? 387 palabras más


Big Rays Auto Parts Store

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Story Time Connect

Suzanna Bruns, The Aquila

It is well known that English is a challenging language to learn, especially for young students attempting to understand the confusing subject tenses and common idioms of the dialect. 241 palabras más

Sos de mere

A trecut ceva timp, dar am revenit cu o rețeta tomnatica pe care am postat-o acum o săptămâna pe instagram și de care cei de acolo s-au bucurat mult, pentru ca-i simpla și delicioasa. 195 palabras más


"Invisible in a Crowd"

Written July 2020

Lost in an ocean of faces, 

      they’re surrounding me. 

I feel suffocated. 

      No air to breath. 

I’m screaming, 

       yelling but no one turns.  54 palabras más


Broken (again)

I’ve been absent for some time, so why type on my blog now?

The reason I stopped sharing my feelings and daily goings ons/ thoughts was due to a third party. 686 palabras más

Mental Health


In 144 days, Henry Denton who has been abducted by aliens – for a while now – must decide on behalf of Humanity if the world is worth saving… 455 palabras más