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Nature Conservation: Coral Reef Restoration with 3D printing!

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  • Global temperature rises in the ocean cause coral reefs to expel their symbiotic algae, which give them nourishment. Afterwards they bleach, starve and die…
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Emotional Support is not so supportive

Artist Unknown

I recently had to re-home my cat, the weekend before New Years. Meanwhile, this was attempt number 3 of trying to have one. Today I contacted her new caretaker to check on her and found out she’s still not interacting with humans much. 550 palabras más


I just ran across this old post I forgot about till now.

An I too heavy into the drama? Are things not as bad as I think? 463 palabras más



In our quest to grow

We have let our conscience slow

Decadence in tow

Obsessed with a life on show

Wanting everyone to know

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Tournament Report: 5A at the UK System Open 2020

What a weekend!

I would like to start with the ending and thank all my fellow players, particularly the eleven I got to play with, who made the weekend so fantastic! 5.759 palabras más

Battle Reports

First Date Stories: "This is the Moment You’ve Been Waiting For"

*Trigger Warning: unwanted sexual advances*

I distinctly remember getting ready for my first (and worst) date, dispelling any nerves by blaring out Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ and heavily applying Maybelline’s Baby Lips! 212 palabras más

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Six on Saturday 8th Feb 2020

The weather’s been a little more favourable in the last week though cold especially overnight. So I’ve started some tidying up of the shrubs and plants. 394 palabras más