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Course Correction

How do you know if you’re going in the right direction?

Imagine your life as 10,000 mile journey. If you walk straight there, you will travel a distance of 10,000 miles. 687 palabras más



1 week and 1 day ago today..
give me eclipse tomorrow!
this is the present, as I say,
and written poetry of sorrow
that happens to flow like a ray… 29 palabras más

English Journal

Sense of Impending Doom

Not only is this a symptom of anaphylactic shock (thanks WebMD), but it’s also kinda how I feel this year around mid-November (not to be dramatic or anything). 405 palabras más

So I Made A Decision

Okay bare with me as I learn how to type with this new format, I am learning too!

Anyways, I think I’m going to make this a mix. 96 palabras más

Help Me Out Here Buds


Every so often I go through a spell of anxiety. This is my moment today. I feel anxious about my job and performance. I have zero self confidence so when it comes to looking at things I cannot give myself a compliment nor will I accept compliments from other people (not that it happens often) 40 palabras más

Still Bullish

Looks like the volatility that was foreshadowed by the over 2.5 billion SOS during the first 5 days of the new daily cycle has caused stocks to fill the most recent gap. 173 palabras más