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Milk! Milk! Which is best?!

At present there is no less than FOUR different types of milk in my fridge.  We have Soya for the vegan, Skimmed for the dieter, Full Fat for the toddler (ahem…& sometimes the BAD vegan…) and Almond…cause its fun to make! 208 palabras más


What's in our meat? ... and is NZ really GE free?

I purchased pork chops recently, and specifically chose the brand that advertises itself as being humane to its animals. Nice grassed grazing (for their chooks and pigs), outdoor huts with lots of hay. 779 palabras más


¿La Soya Alivia El Asma?

A pesar de que investigaciones anteriores habían dado indicaciones de que quizá los complementos de soya podrían ayudar a los pacientes de asma a respirar mejor, un nuevo estudio importante encuentra que el nutriente no tiene ningún efecto beneficioso sobre la función pulmonar. 586 palabras más


My Favourite Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

For about a year now I’ve been completely converted to being a smoothie drinker every morning, cutting out the sugar filled cereals and smashing in those fruits and veggies instead has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 366 palabras más

Vegan Greek No-gurt and Granola

I am exceptionally proud of this recipe. This will be a game-changer to those of you who love the creaminess of yogurt but choose to go animal-free. 924 palabras más


Milk twist

Happy Thursday everyone :)
So I decided to try something new this morning…
The Cambridge diet allows an intake of 425ml semi-skimmed milk totalling 136 kcal according to the brochure. 78 palabras más


18 April 2015 @ SOYA, Sentosa wavehouse

Today we went for the nEbO event called SOYA at Sentosa wavehouse! Much to my surprise, a decent number of people turned up. This is an event that is held to give awards to nEbOians the recognition they deserve. 391 palabras más