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Miniburgers, greek salad, mayonnaise and bread

Miniburgers, Greek salad,  vegan garlic mayonnaise and bread.

Miniburger, griechischer salat, vegane Knoblauchmayonnaise und Brot.

Tofu 'mozzarella' and tomato salad

Tofu ‘mozzarella’ and tomato salad with basil, spring onions, olive oil and balsamico.

Tofu ‘Mozzarella’- und Tomaten-Salat mit Basilikum, Zwiebeln, Olivenöl und Balsamico.

If you want to eat less soya, then you should eat soya

There’s a great quote from George Monbiot in the Guardian this week.

Part of the reason is the extreme inefficiency of feeding livestock on grain: most of its nutritional value is lost in conversion from plant protein to animal protein.

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Vegan fish fingers, potato fries and Greek salad

Vegan fish fingers, potato fries and Greek salad.

Vegane Fischstäbchen, Pommes und griechischer Salat.

Varying Breakfasts - My First Overnight Oats Pot

As part of my move to go ‘as vegan as possible’ during weekdays, I’ve found myself quickly falling into a rut of eating the same thing everyday for breakfast – normally a tortilla wrap with banana, berries of some kind and peanut butter. 345 palabras más


Interview: Factory farming is driving food waste and wildlife destruction on an epic scale

Interview by Anders Lorenzen

Factory farming is driving wildlife to extinction, and it is responsible for one of the most unsustainable and inefficient food systems of our times. 1.627 palabras más