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A Broth Of Health You Could Relish

Not really a recipe person but this is something I had to share with all of you. Everyone wants lip smacking food but not every lip smacking food is necessarily good for health. 154 palabras más


GMO ilə Turp kimi

GMO nədir?

GMO (Genetik Modifikasiya olunmuş Orqanizmlər) – Təbiətdə təbii şəkildə mümkün olmayan genetik materialı (DNT) dəyişdirilmiş orqaizmlərdir. Yəni A orqanizminə B orqanizminin DNT fraqmenti süni şəkildə yeridilir. 368 palabras más


Alpro soya plain with almond

I was never really a fan of yoghurt even before I went vegan I didn’t enjoy fruity bits or the artificial fruit tastes and plain yoghurt I just found boring! 124 palabras más


The Dogs That Don't Belong to Anyone

“And all they wanted was love.” Margery Rubin-

Compiled by: Michael Roston and Dulce Ramos

APRIL 18, 2016

There are an estimated 750 million street dogs, village dogs and dogs sometimes called strays in the world. 2.276 palabras más

Animal Rights


 Hariali kabab

What we need

1 cup palak chopped (spinach)

1 medium size boiled potato

½ cup paneer grated

1 green chilli chopped

4 tbsp. oats flour or soya chunks soaked and grind… 145 palabras más


Beef Stroganoff

Here is the ordinary man’s beef stroganoff. I made it this evening.

I’ve done things a little differently, I’ve put some Broccoli as I wanted to have a bit more veg in the meal, also I was a bit light on Mushrooms as my wife isn’t keen on them. 185 palabras más

Low Fat Meal

Soya Shammi Kabab

Indian households are no strangers to this textured vegetarian protein that is made from soya flour, and is also enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B and fiber. 207 palabras más