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There are several types of drinks tagged for kids but not all are nourishing. Today, I would like to share with us the making of a wonderful nourishing drink called soya milk. 424 palabras más


Vegan lentil lasagne

Like I said, my  mum is on a quest to lose weight, but she is also on a quest to beat menopause, and to do this she has been set on a strict diet that will include lots of soya and no wheat etc., meaning that tasty meals can be hard to come by. 333 palabras más


Cooking Tempeh!!

You’re probably thinking what on earth is that stuff up there, as much as I like to share with you my food successes I also want to show you the food mishaps. 325 palabras más


Creamy Vegan Aubergine (Eggplant) Pasta

I’m not sure what has happened the summer sun since the weekend but it seems to have decided to take a nap. When the skies are grey and it looks like it might drizzle with rain, the only thing I want to do is curl up on the sofa and gorge on pasta – the ultimate comfort food. 327 palabras más



This recipe is especially requested by my vegetarian friends ! :)

My hubby and kiddo love Chinese food ! Given an option, my son would drag us all to a restaurant every weekend. 260 palabras más


Home-made soya yoghurt the lazy way.

I do actually own a yoghurt maker, which was a gift from my parents. It’s a nice round contraption with cute little jars which make great individual serving sizes, and it keeps a constant temperature so a great guarantee of consistent results, and super-handy in winter time. 431 palabras más

Soya Palak Curry

Most of the days…I’m always in search of recipes where palak can be added. I’ve come across few recipes online and as usual have mixed 2 to 3 recipes and here it is the final version :-) 182 palabras más