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Recall of Kellogg’s Special K Biscuit Moments without English on the label

Kellogg’s Special K Biscuit Moments Cioccolato with ‘best before’ dates of 9 July 2016 and 14 July 2016 because the product label is not in English. 90 palabras más

Trading Standards

The Drinks List


Usually found sitting together side by side in green plastic containers at a drinks stall, Chin Chow and Soya Bean are two local drinks that have deeply entrenched themselves into the lives of Singaporeans as a drink fit for any occasion. 52 palabras más


pad thai

This version of Pad Thai is a delicious warm noodley stir fry salad. Perfect on a summer evening. You can add cooked prawns or chicken to this recipe, if you want to, it’s totally versatile, but stands alone as an outstanding vegan recipe. 228 palabras más

Date Night

Cherry Pie Overnight Oatmeal

I can see myself saying this a few times in the course of posting recipes, but I am going to say it nevertheless, and mean it- THIS is my favourite oatmeal recipe. 216 palabras más


Soya Kanghou-Easy To Make Fried Soya Chunk Recipe

Back with my posts. The summer days are challenging for all of us as we struggle to cook meals for our families each day.

For me it’s either some quick recipes or ingredients readied overnight or in the morning hours before 9 am for the next meal. 561 palabras más


A Broth Of Health You Could Relish

Not really a recipe person but this is something I had to share with all of you. Everyone wants lip smacking food but not every lip smacking food is necessarily good for health. 154 palabras más

Fun Factors