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Instead of butter

This is one of the easiest substances to substitute. Like butter, the alternatives are high in calories and I do try to minimise use.

As a spread for toast, sandwiches and all the usual purposes, I use Pure. 168 palabras más


Tuna tartar with guacamole

That’s a great recipe especially when you have a lot of guests as you can prepare it a couple of hours before.

Ingredients for 2 as main course: 103 palabras más


Suma Soya Spread

Vegan soya spread, good value and dairy free! This works well in lots of recipes, including ‘buttercream’ icing.


Alpro Soya Single Cream

Perfect vegan alternative to cream, with less fat than the dairy version!


Allergy Alert: Sainsbury's Thai Takeaway for 2

Sainsbury’s Supermarket Ltd is withdrawing a batch of its Sainsbury’s Thai Takeaway for 2 because of the presence of soya, fish and barley which is not mentioned on the label. 73 palabras más

Trading Standards

Crunchy Carrot & Cabbage Coleslaw

One thing I miss is the creamy taste of mayonnaise but with this dairy free recipe I am able to enjoy crudités and my nut burgers with absolute delight! 95 palabras más