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29 November - La Monzona

Despite being such a wonderful parking spot overlooking the reservoir there was no sunshine on the van so our solar panels were not getting charged properly.  88 palabras más


Once Upon a Time in Barcelona...

In 2017 I left North America for the first time. With the exception of Canada and Mexico, I had never been anywhere outside of the United States. 207 palabras más


Day One Hundred Five: A Day for Goodbyes

As the title suggests, today was entirely devoted to goodbyes, or what I hope are “hasta luegos.” I had my last class where we did a scavenger hunt in groups around the city. 620 palabras más


La Villuerca (1.601 m altitude) is the highest peak in the 2.544 km2 Geopark Villuercas-Ibores-Jara´s region. From the summit you can see – on a sunny day- all the villages in the Geopark and observe its deep valleys and imposing mountains. 225 palabras más


Valencia defeat United as the Red Devils finish second in Group H

VALENCIA, Spain – Valencia defeated Manchester United 2-1 as Jose Mourinho’s side missed the opportunity to finish top of the group.

Antonio Lato started as Jose Gaya was suspended while Andreas Pereira started against the club he was on loan at last season. 175 palabras más

Manchester United

Spain: Lanzarote, Part 1

Wow, it’s been a long time since I scribbled about travelling! Since the move to the Netherlands, travel has been less regular for sure. However, part of the motivation for moving here was ease of access to travel spots and recently my partner and I decided to escape the Dutch December (cold, wet, and grey) for a few days and hit the warmth. 603 palabras más