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Camino de Santiago (Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela)

We made it!

We left our albergue at the usual time, which meant we were close to the last group out. The walk itself was rainy but pretty until Monte de Gozo, where you can see down to the city of Santiago. 784 palabras más

Travels 2017

Homemade Hierbas in Ibiza

When I was recently in Ibiza I went to Sa Capella, a delightful restaurant in San Antonio. The restaurant is cozy and romantic – a nice break from the non stop party that is Ibiza. 59 palabras más

Walking without a donkey - Travels in Spain, Via de la Plata, day 5.

20.5.17 Monesterio to Fuente de Cantos, on the Via de la Plata Spanish Camino. 22kms – a nice sensible distance to walk after yesterday!

Last night I had wandered around Monesterio, shopping and having a beer, so I knew my way – or I thought I did. 1.386 palabras más

Walking Without A Donkey - Travels In Spain

Well it's certainly not Blackpool...!

After making a clear decision when we set off to avoid the busy french coastal resorts in July, in the end we decided that we just couldn’t come this far and not spend some time near the sea! 422 palabras más


Spanish Food 101: Ingredientes y Miscélaneo

A culinary journey through Spain via the unparalleled medium of informal oral testimonies. This is written in English. If you would like a Spanish/Spanglish translation may I recommend reading slower, louder, and adding the letter “o” intermittently to the end of words. 1.428 palabras más

Greed Is Good

A relaxing time in Benidorm, Spain

I have mentioned before that I live thorn between land and sea. I grew up relatively near the ocean, and Summer always meant endless time at the beach: as a child building castles and running in the sand, jumping around in salty puddles and jumping amongst small waves when the ocean allowed it; as a teenager making sure I was getting the best tan, but also investing in some sort of amateur bodyboarding because it looked cool; and finally, as an adult, both sunbathing, diving and swimming in the ocean when it allowed and having great walks until sunset. 754 palabras más