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To Burgos. 15th October 2017

To Burgos. 15th October 2017

Tired this morning, mainly due to the noise of our Spanish Neighbours who decided to sit up till the early hours eating,drinking and chatting. 1.924 palabras más


Deagon couple helps bring Quidditch game down to earth

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EACH week Sam Chittenden and Leah Rowbotham chase a quaffle, beat bludgers and try to catch the golden snitch \u2013 all in the name of Quidditch. 3.084 palabras más

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Our first six months as roving retirees...

Six months into our new roving retirement and we are loving it. Having sold virtually all of our possessions we left Australia on April 9th, 2017 to pursue a new approach to life – full time, slow travel providing House Sitting services as a way to offset our travel costs. 885 palabras más



Barcelona, Spain is definitely an underrated city, however, there also isn’t all that much to do there. If you are thinking of holidaying over that way I would recommend going soon as there is talk of reducing tourist to the area to allow for the city to be focused back on the people and families that live there. 419 palabras más