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Barcelona's Modern Day Plague: Pickpockets

Google “what is the pickpocket capital of the world?” and the results are stunningly and overwhelmingly BARCELONA. Why is the home of Picasso, Gaudi and Dali the number one city in the world for pickpockets you ask? 1.244 palabras más


Itinerary: two days in Bilbao, Spain

At the end of a whirlwind week in Spain, I had just two short days left before my flight home to England. Having visited Bilbao briefly once before, I was excited to have the chance to discover more of the city this time around. 893 palabras más


Casillas Becomes The First Player To Play In 20 Champions League Seasons

Spanish Legend and Currently Porto goalkeeper, Iker Casillas made history when he started his side’s match against Schalke on Tuesday.

With the start of the game, Casillas went past Manchester United great Ryan Giggs, who played in 19 Champions League campaigns. 143 palabras más

Club Football

Great things by Goya in Zaragoza

Not long ago, just before giving a talk that incorporated my long admiration for the work of Francisco Goya whose life lapped over from the !8th to the 19th Century,  I was able to visit Spain perhaps for one last time. 846 palabras más


First Impressions

I have officially been in Spain for more than 24 hours now and I am absolutely in love with this place.

Yesterday my host family showed me around the house and cooked a delicious Spanish rice dish for dinner (although without meat so it was not so traditional haha). 212 palabras más

A train station, Atocha of Madrid!

I go to Madrid a lot, and lived there ,but public transport is not my forte. I rather take my car and then walk, last resort take the bus. 793 palabras más