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They swarm

They chirp

Swoop and peep

They understand

A language

We do not speak

If perhaps we did

Maybe we’d be free

To fly otherworldly… 8 palabras más


Bible in 365 Days - Day 48

Focus Chapters:

  • Leviticus 4-6

Standout Verse(s):

Leviticus 4:13-14 NLT

“If the entire Israelite community sins by violating one of the Lord’s commands, but the people don’t realize it, they are still guilty. 

463 palabras más
Godly Lessons


Seek & you shall find. That is what they always say, right? Run hard and fast after your dreams, wishes and desires. They will manifest themselves in due time if they are truly meant for you. 1.283 palabras más

The Path.

Those who walk the Left Hand Path, through conscious transgression of taboos, and the transcendence of conventional sexuality, are separated from the delusions of the Crowd. 32 palabras más

New Whore Order


Luke 1:18 – “And Zacharias said unto the angel. Whereby shall I know this? for I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years.” 635 palabras más

Bible Study

A Smile and a Receipt

(Please read yesterday’s post “I don’t feel like me” for context here.)

I woke up this morning to greet my new hair color and subsequently my new face in the mirror. 373 palabras más

Thoughts And Reflections

Reaching Out

This afternoon after church I have been busy. I have been researching how to “reach out” on my blog. I have been doing this over a couple years and of course still a new blogger. 306 palabras más