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Hello Beloveds!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus because I really needed to replenish and get back to me. During this break from the inter webs and basically all human contact I’ve been reading two new books and was generously gifted another. 464 palabras más


Fear of Dying? This New Bestselling Book Will Help

The Mind Loops Blog: “Fear of Dying? This New Bestselling Book Will Help” – Nov 2017

Exciting news! I am a contributing author to a new, fascinating book: …

263 palabras más

Book Review: Sociological Thought | Venkata Mohan

This book primarily explores Sociological thinkers. But this exploration is done very intelligently by examining thinkers in the light of ideas from other disciplines like Psychology and Spirituality. 491 palabras más

The Sowing Time of Life

It has been really cold this November and the cold has been made all the worse by a stiff north wind. So it may seem strange that I should post about sowing seeds. 406 palabras más


God's Will For Me

Contrary to
my lofty imaginings,
God’s will for me
is sometimes
that treasure hidden
in plain sight.

© 2017 Dennis Ference


Lover’s Redemption

Our souls embrace,

But our demons are quick to draw the blade.

Who can cut first?

Who can cut deeper?

Who gets the last word? 115 palabras más

truly See

Through all
and veils

let us





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