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from the album “On The Outside” (2005)

Day 0083: Starsailor - Way To Fall

Artist: Starsailor
Song: Way To Fall
Album: Love Is Here (2001)

Sometimes a song associated with something you admire is often the push you need to appreciate something. 323 palabras más


Over And Done With!!

So the gig was a couple of weeks ago and it turned out a lot better than I had originally thought. Unfortunately Rob and Will’s set never ended up happening due to lack of practises but I was pretty happy with how my set with Eve turned out. 295 palabras más

Live Performance

Last Day

It’s the day before the gig and parts of this seem positive whereas others seem extremely negative.

Last post I mentioned that I was planning on doing my set with Will. 247 palabras más

Live Performance

Gig Is-A-Comin'

So the gig is coming close to happening and I’m not exactly sure of the situation with it.

I have an idea to play with Will but only have one song sorted, Wills set still needs to be rehearsed and Rob set still needs a bit more too. 142 palabras más

Live Performance

5 Songs I Used to Love

I’ve been going through my music and looking at the songs that I used to love a load when I was a teenager. Some of them I still listen to now, some I’ve gradually stopped. 565 palabras más