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#Stonehenge: It's (hopefully) not too late...

Thankfully, it seems that the coronavirus crisis has delayed a final announcement on the tunnel being made. The following comments were submitted by a supporter of the Heritage Journal: 168 palabras más


Unusual LandMark of Europe


One of the most famous landmarks in the United Kingdom, Stonehenge is regarded as a British cultural icon. 125 palabras más


Anarchy in the 80s: Stonehenge and the battle of the Beanfield

A punk sits on a burnt out car with others on site circa 1984 @UK Rock festivals

Last time we ended off with the emergence of the clear network of free festival circuits for new age travellers. 1.817 palabras más

Stonehenge: in these dark days ...

Something heartening, if it’s true, for those who care about the preservation of the World Heritage Site for future generations:

“Given the current situation, with the anticipated effect of the Covid-19 virus on the UK economy, the business case for the project will be called into question, as it was early in 2019.

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Highways England forced to use foreign firms for their dirty work at Stonehenge?

The three groups invited to bid are:

  • BMJV
  • HDJV

So British involvement is minimal. Why would that be? Do we lack the expertise and competitive edge despite being in the country already? 80 palabras más


Lost History Of the Ancients

When we marvel at the workmanship of ancient structures, we are reminded that such wonders as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids were the work of primitive people. 73 palabras más

Long-Ago Times