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Look Both Ways: Trafficking in Warhol Eye Cones

Ask anyone–they’ll tell you. It was a cold, ugly, brutal winter. Unrelenting weeks down in the ten degree range. Our thoroughfares were so pockmarked with crater-sized potholes the streets are only now becoming navigable. 779 palabras más


The streets through my lens.

I really didn’t want to over edit this photo. I think it’s so beautiful all by itself and doesn’t need much. I am going out today to find more beautiful streets and also some street art to add to my portfolio! 71 palabras más

Gloomscapes #22

It’s the weekly Gloomscapes entry, number twenty-two. And it’s another graffiti tag shot.

Oh dear…

The three dots remind me of drops of blood. Maybe that was the artist’s (writer’s?) intention. 74 palabras más


#347 (beaux rêves)

the faint sound

of a bell

perpetually ringing

celestial sound

a flutter of large

wings, a vision

of unspeakable

grace, yet you

avert your gaze… 43 palabras más


Graffiti to Street Art - A Short History

There seems to be a strong impulse in human beings to leave their mark. To tell the world you were here. Unlike other animals we know we’re going to die and leaving some sort of physical mark behind  is one way of ensuring our symbolic survival. 1.714 palabras más


Bansky in Paris

It’s hard to believe, but the mysterious British street artist(s) known as Banksy just made a first foray into Paris. These images are the first to be discovered. 10 palabras más