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Gumby hits 255x5 [VIDEO]

Matt LeBlanc reminds us to have some fucking fun!
You don’t always have to be the hardest cat in the room. We often get caught up in our goals so much that we trap ourselves in a box and miss out on LIFE.   55 palabras más

Squat 525lb x 23 Reps! [VIDEO]

Tom Platz And The Squat Video You Probably Never Saw!

Many of you may be too young to remember when Tom Platz crushed 23 reps @ 525lb at the 1993 FIBO in Germany.   86 palabras más


Full Recovery is Official!

As of tonight, I have returned to full strength following my knee injury last November. If you recall, I mentioned earlier that it never healed properly, and that I had been working towards a full recovery last month. 159 palabras más


2 July 2015

Awwww your gym doesn’t train with stones…..#Thatscute

Time to switch gyms then to one that desires that you learn how to lift and manipulate heavy awkward objects correctly without hurting yourself. 29 palabras más

CrossFit Queenston Heights

Training Day - 6/30/15 | Fearless Strongman

6/30/15 Training:

My gambit yesterday paid off; I felt rested, loose, and ready to squat today.

3CT Pause Squats
135 x4
185 x3
225 x2… 26 palabras más

Training Log