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2018 Arnold Sports Festival

Chaotic, Insane, Surreal… I have so many words to describe the whirlwind weekend up in Columbus, OH.

March 2-4, 2018 was filled with so many experiences. 1.346 palabras más


I'm a vegan athlete

So for the majority of 2017 I decided to adopt a vegetarian diet and in August of that year I decided to go ‘full V’ and went vegan. 487 palabras más


Lakeland's Strongest - Bringing a new sport to the Bush

One thing I found lacking while growing up was the lack of exposure to different sports. It was n grade nine that I started getting out of my comfort zone and playing sports. 893 palabras más


Stolen from Satan

Text: Mark 3:20-35

Grace, mercy and peace to each of you from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

In our gospel reading today Jesus said, … 1.722 palabras más

One Thing Every Gym Goer Should Take From Strongman

If you’ve ever watched the behemoths on World’s Strongest Man flipping giant tires, pressing logs overhead, pulling planes, and lifting enormous stones you might think that most of that stuff isn’t for you. 490 palabras más

Atlas Stones