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Cleaning my phone out

I needed to make space here’s some of my training. Once it’s on YouTube I delete it off my phone lol

back squats- 2×1 rpe 9, 2×12

deadlifts- 8×3 50% +red 1 min off

Strongman: Week 17

Week 4 (Jan 23-29)
A. BS 5 x 5 reps @ 70-80% *1st rep @ 33×1 tempo of every set
B.1 Towel Grip Ring Rows 4 x 6-8 reps… 217 palabras más


Sunday Morning Hybrid Workout: Circuit Conditioning and Power

Sunday workouts are some of my favorite. For one, it’s a day where I’m off from training clients and work, and a time where I can put extra attention into my training and not worry about being on call. 541 palabras más

Strength Training

What about when the roles are combined?

(Naku ko to jitou ni wa katenu;
“You can’t win against a crying child or the lord of a manor”)


You can’t win (an argument) against someone who doesn’t listen to reason, such as a crying child or a feudal estate steward. 291 palabras más


CrossFit Week 3

Day 20, one fifth of my 100 days gone! And my third week.

This week, I mostly lifted stuff and had fun. It was possibly my bestest week at CrossFit so far, maybe I’m settling in a bit better (despite looking very serious in this picture!) 961 palabras más


First Strongman Comp. Post Show Write Up

What’s up everyone! Thanks for checking out this post. This is something that I have put off for awhile now. Six months ago I competed in my very first strongman competition, The Great Ape Strongman Challenge in Phoenix. 520 palabras más