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“When earth and sky almost meet”: The Conflict between Traditional Knowledge and Modernity in Polynesian Navigation by Luke Strongman

This paper provides an account of the differing ontologies of Polynesian and European navigation techniques in the Pacific. The subject of conflict between traditional knowledge and modernity is examined from nine points of view: The cultural problematics of textual representation, historical differences between European and Polynesian navigation; voyages of re-discovery and re-creation: Lewis and Finney; How the Polynesians navigated in the Pacific; a European history of Polynesian navigation accounts from early encounters; “Earth and Sky almost meet”: Polynesian literary views of recovered knowledge; lost knowledge in cultural exchanges – the parallax view; contemporary views and lost complexities. 31 palabras más


1977 and the birth of the World's Strongest Man

Who is the strongest man in the World? Ever since man began to lift heavy objects for fun, there has been an insatiable desire to know who is the strongest. 1.625 palabras más


What's Next? | Fearless Strongman

What’s Next?

PA Dutch Strong has come and passed. The more I reflect on it, the happier I am with my performance. Going forward, I’m going to continue training Strongman. 184 palabras más

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Release | Bubulubu Hustles & Dreams ft Strogman, Sbeirg Prod by MelodyAfrikan

Bubulubu Hustels & Dreams ft StrogMan and SBEIRG Prod by MelodyAfrican.

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April 11, 2015

So glad to be back in the gym! It has been a painful absence. Real glad to be in a dingy basement warehouse gym with clanging plates and strong dudes and buckets of chalk. 449 palabras más

Friday Night Strongman - 4/10/15 | Fearless Strongman

Friday Night Strongman – 4/10/15

I’ve implemented a 5 week rotation for the Strongman Class now that we have a regular group of attendees.
Week 1 – Squat… 78 palabras más

CrossFit Penn's Landing

10 April 2015

Its Friday, so lets have a little fun with a stone ladder!

Stone Ladder 3.0


Bench Press
3 @ 70%, 3 @ 80%, 3 @ 90% 27 palabras más

CrossFit Queenston Heights