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Pulling Power

This is an Eighties era photo of Roger Estep pulling a big deadlift.  He was one of the guys in his prime when I was competing.   86 palabras más


Chechen strongman claims Russian spies infiltrated IS in Syria

MOSCOW — Pro-Kremlin Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has claimed spies from his region of Russia are being sent to infiltrate the Islamic State jihadist group and assist Moscow in its bombing campaign in Syria. 384 palabras más

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Lifter 2- A Mom

Mothers make the most interesting weightlifters.  She had a nice smile and fierce eyes.  Mothers know how to dig down— real deep to a place to most don’t have to push through a lift.  She completed her back squat.  


Lifter 1 -Jay

Your Local “DeeJay”

After losing 17lbs to be able to compete in middle class weight- he wasn’t feeling himself.  “Fake It” was the theme of the day because others couldn’t see he just wanted it all to be over.   14 palabras más


Fitness Summary Week 3 & 4

Finally an update from week 3 and 4! As you can see I decided to reduce the reps from 4 to 3 on the heavy days. 180 palabras más


Special Guest Post: The Three K's of Coaching

Today UP Athletics brings you our first Special Guest Post by Brendan Wood. Brendan is a Strength & Sport Conditioning Student from Canadore College who is excelling in his studies and is on the path of becoming a Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach. 1.057 palabras más


When It Comes To Travel Training...

The past few weeks have been hectic, between heavy travel and work emergencies there has been little time for sleep and even less time for working out. 268 palabras más

Fat To Fit