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Strongman: Week 10

A. BS 2.2.2 x 4 sets rest 15 secs betw doubles *all sets over 75% 173, 173, 183, 193, 203 , 1×1 213, 223, 233, 243… 409 palabras más


What Does It Mean to Be Successful?

The blog is back, y’all! A quick recap from the last 19 months since I last posted: I’m back in Texas working at Texas Tech in Student Conduct, I’m competing as a Strongwoman, currently qualified nationally in both federations, I adopted a second cat who I fondly refer to as The Weiner, and I’ve kept most of the 60 pounds I lost in MD off (though your body changes when you start lifting crazy heavy shit). 1.028 palabras más

Adventures In Texas

StrongMan Ft Sarkodie - Pieto Datso (Prod By Denswag) 

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Will Xi the strongman be a wise man too?


BEIJING • When he was 19, Hunan native Cheng Baoluo aspired to be a mathematician and to marry in his 20s. Instead, he married at age 36 and held mostly blue-collar jobs before ending his career running a chocolate factory. 1.321 palabras más

Current Affairs

So, You Want to Be a Strongman?

The following article was written by Matt Griffiths

Make sure to check out Matt’s YouTube channel for more information on strongman training.

You’ve no doubt watched at some point in your life some behemoths battling it out around Christmas on television in an effort to be crowned Worlds Strongest Man. 1.851 palabras más


Preparation, the Platform, and Performance

By Mark Clevenger
November 30th 2016

Great performances on the platform are directly correlated to the amount of preparation an athlete puts in long before game day. 440 palabras más


Richard Rorty's 1998 prophecy

This 1998 quote by the philosopher Richard Rorty, in his book Achieving Our Country, is being widely circulated on the Internet.   It seems prophetic. 363 palabras más

Donald Trump