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Bunte Steine - 4. Oktober 2015

Heute haben die Bunten Steine einen Ausflug auf den Killesberg gemacht. Tolle Sicht vom Turm! 14 palabras más

Bunte Steine

Week 4 | Prost!

It is the end of September and when you live near Germany, the end of September/beginning of October means only one thing – Oktoberfest! 241 palabras más

Fun events in October

Bye-bye summer, hello October! Here are some fun events, that will make your October awesome:



The Stuttgart public library makes it near the top of almost every list of beautiful/interesting libraries from all over the world. I am blessed that my family’s new home, since we’re Germany for my husband’s U.S. 139 palabras más

Angi Morgan

Who needs Munich when you've got Cannstatter?

For reasons perhaps too private to get into it’s hard peeing in lederhosen, hard undoing the suspenders through the clasps when you’ve been drinking, hard clearing the edge of the leather because they don’t come with flies or barn doors, you just climb in and out — hard looking cool standing over a trough in a temporary WC inside a beer tent with other men singing, spitting, doing things men do in public restrooms better not discussed on blogs. 860 palabras más


Cannstatter Volksfest, Stuttgart

Cannstatter Volksfest (Beer Festival) is basically Stuttgarts own Oktoberfest. I went on Monday night because the International Student’s Association blocked off a few tables just for the students. 376 palabras más


Transportation | Swiss Motion

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