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Did you know Stuttgart has a beach?

There are many nice beer gardens along the Neckar. One of my favorite ones it the “Stadtstrand” in Bad Cannstatt.

OK, it’s not right at the river bank but hey, it has sand which kind of  makes it a… 73 palabras más


One year ago today

… I travelled three and a half hours to Stuttgart

… I finally got to meet people I knew over the internet for years

… I spent an… 214 palabras más


City Reading

Since 2009, StadtLesenor City Reading—has been bringing book-focused experiences each summer to select cities around Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and northern Italy. This year the project created a very neat reading lounge on historic… 45 palabras más


Lunch at the Weindorf

Guys, it’s Weindorf time again! This wine festival is held in Stuttgart for 39 years by now and is a very relaxed, fun event. While most people visit the… 196 palabras más


Cooking French in southern Germany

Competitive beer drinking season has started here in the south of Germany, or maybe never ended, and I celebrated today with a traditional Bavarian lederhosen purchase, made from real cow hide if we’re translating it right, and I look nothing like the model on the packaging, it’s stiff in the knees walking up the steps but looks good enough for how it’ll be used, in tents singing and spilling on myself. 491 palabras más


Lost in...Stuttgart (Stuttgart Kickers)

Stuttgart Kickers v VfR Aalen

Gaz Stadion Auf Der Waldau / 3. Liga / 23rd August 2015

Despite being seen as a football mad nation these days, during the latter part of the 19th century and early years of the 20th century Germany seemed to frown on football – as I’ve learned recently from reading the excellent… 3.021 palabras más

Lost In...