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Super cute outfit from the Miss Chelsea Gacha at The Epiphany <3 Thank you to my buddy Jose who helped me take this photo!

What I’m wearing: 40 palabras más


Frugal Fashion - Random Thrifted Outfits

Just thought I would pop in for an update on what I’ve been wearing from the thrifts.

On this particular day, I couldn’t get Jack the cat to keep away while I was trying to have a photo taken. 452 palabras más


simplicity and elegance: keys to a classic winter style

There’s no need to reinvent one’s style with each passing season. The concept of minimalism also includes personal style and fashion choices. Maintaining a wardrobe of essential components and letting a few trendy elements filter in and out naturally are the keys to cultivating a timeless look, and avoiding accumulating too many frivolous possessions for the sake of style. 437 palabras más