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Revolusi merupakan sebuah perubahan fundamental yang berlangsung secara cepat. Revolutio, sebuah kata dalam bahasa Latin yang bermakna ‘sebuah putaran balik/memutar balik’ merupakan kata yang diserap ke dalam bahasa Inggris ( 131 palabras más

Che Guevara

32 - Unexpected Betrayal

“Well, now. My Lord, that Globalized Future bullcracka was just a-beggin to be de-constructed!” Tisha screamed.

“Yeah, Marita. That story. It was just . . . 1.247 palabras más

Proletarian Novel

Come mettere insieme tanta sfiducia e riorganizzarla...

L’ eclissi del Subcomandante Marcos: come mettere insieme tanta sfiducia e riorganizzarla….

GIOVEDÌ 29 MAGGIO 2014, tratto da


Non dobbiamo prendercela se ci dicono che siamo un popolo di manichini; è vero ci stanno togliendo di tutto, ormai ci fanno pagare anche l’aria, e noi che facciamo? 1.707 palabras más


Violent Writing Part One

A new essay, “The Pathos of Proximity: Violent Writing Part One,” has been published in Trigger Warning, Issue #5: The Dystopia Issue. Before anyone sends me more hate mail for continuing to associate with Rachel Haywire, please note that any collective radical enough for… 688 palabras más


Speaking for the Voiceless - an inspiring quote from Subcomandante Marcos

I’ve been reading The Left Hemisphere: Mapping Critical Theory Today by Sorbonne professor Razmig Keucheyan, and I’ve learnt a lot. I’m collecting my reflections, with particular emphasis on how they connect to my dissertation, but I thought I would share with you this inspiring quote from Mexican Zapatista activist leader, subcomandante Marcos: 212 palabras más

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For What Must We Beg Your Forgiveness?—Subcomandante Marcos (R.I.P.)

For what must we beg your forgiveness?
Beg your forgiveness for what?
For not dying of hunger?
For not keeping our poverty hushed?
For not humbly accepting the gigantic… 456 palabras más

The People's Poetry

All That Is Holy Is Profaned

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This weekend saw (and is currently seeing) large kayak protests… 420 palabras más

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