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Star Deaths

While stars can exist for billions of years, each has only a limited supply of fuel to burn, and will eventually cease to exist. T… 292 palabras más



My strategy for Fuse is fairly simple. Deny your opponents the initial capture that does you the most harm. Then capture the planets that places an opponent between you and another opponent. 369 palabras más



With a good strategy, Threat gets a lot easier. The strategy I use is to get in behind one of the opponents to force them between me an the other opponent. 258 palabras más



As a bonus level, Trigger joins Fog with the a Supernova. I ignore the supernova and just play it like it is fog only. The key, for me is can I see the initial move of the opponents. 495 palabras más


Diamonds in the sky

Old river sediments in Brazil and the Central African Republic contain minerals found nowhere else on Earth; a form of diamond, dark black or green-gray, mixed with a lot of graphite (the stuff inside pencils) and often with small bubbles inside. 425 palabras más


In most of the games in Supernovas, it is best to ignore the supernova.  That isn’t the case with Centrum.  With Centrum the strategy is to capture planets so that you end up with green between you and orange.   273 palabras más