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When playing most of the games in the Hercules constellation, the supernovas are just distractions, and should usually be ignored.  That isn’t the case with Castles.  261 palabras más



The first time I saw you

I felt like playing a game

connecting the dots

speckled across the

bridge of your nose

I wonder what shape… 67 palabras más


Cassiopeia A

Image taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope provides a detailed look at the tattered remains of a supernova explosion known as Cassiopeia A (Cas A). 49 palabras más



Supernovas are when stars have reached their life limit because they have exceeded the amount of matter they could contain and explode emitting as much energy as the Sun or any other star emits over its entire lifetime, fading in several weeks to months. 84 palabras más