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Girl in black's

Girl in black’s secret style she wears on herself, so some say,

Dying inside a room of sorrowful denial walking the street, happy-go-lucky like.


Is the World Burning?

It’s the stars’ fault

I say

Weren’t they supposed to know everything?

And the sky

The blood red sky

Shouldn’t it have stooped?

And the mountains… 82 palabras más


Word of the Day . by Sarah Chenoweth

To those who would wait

for the revolution

wearing John Lennon t-shirts and

Guy Fawkes masks,

tattoos on their arms,

braids in their hair,

waiting for the return of… 286 palabras más


The Blackout: Part 1

Welcome back my readers.  Sorry it’s been awhile, but hey, I hope you’re having a great new year!


My friend and I are writing a book that centers around this group of kids. 1.154 palabras más


The Painful Burn of Infidelity Poem

The Painful Burn of Infidelity

Sacred love flows,


fragrantly sweet,

it enchants

the blissful way.

But, behold!

Rushing into

copper waves,

with another, 152 palabras más


Little Town

Written for:  Poetic Asides #423 –  “Little (blank)”

A little town in the country
was so tiny it had only one tree.
A nor’easter blew in… 12 palabras más

Purple's Home

Salsa Valentina

Today is one year and 8 months since I left.  In my head, it feels like forever ago, but when I have flashbacks, I know it hasn’t been that long.  871 palabras más