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Ww2 Vintage Compass Survival Military

Ww2 Vintage Compass Survival Military
Items Are From Estates, Yard Sales, And Other Auctions, They May Even Be Of My Own Private Purchase.The Items May Have Been Stored In Unknown Places, Items May Be Scratched, Dinged, Dented, Cracked, Chipped, Wrinkled, Expired, Etc.(Unless OTHERWISE Noted Specifically In The Ad) So Please Look Carefully At All Pictures And Ask Questions Before Purchasing, As I May Not Catch All Inconsistencies.Make Sure To View Pictures Carefully, So There Is No Mis-understanding Of What You Are Receiving. 90 palabras más


Q. and A. Survival

Answers to Readers Questions (Part One)

by Selco, a Yugoslavian Civil War survivor.

I asked you in one of my previous posts what you would like to see or read here on blog and your answers were great, actually I did not expect so many comments and questions. 1.607 palabras más

SHTF Survival And Prepping

Fight stupidity with wisdom . Not with stupidity.

Sreejana Chettri.


Unhooking from the past

Growing up with an alcoholic parent, I was under the misguided belief that my father’s excessive drinking was somehow my fault.  I thought if I could be the ‘good’ daughter, dare I say even the ‘perfect’ daughter, my father wouldn’t need to drink and all would be well again.  142 palabras más

You grow wiser by realising
how stupid you’ve been. In fact
its good to feel dumb at times.

Sreejana Chettri.


...Drought Defied...

Somehow desire grew in strength

Despite no fertile womb

Slivers of sunlight filtered through

An empty darkened room..

Unlikely buds had made their way

To grasp the arid ground… 14 palabras más


inoculation to the prescient future

As a child my grandparents gave me $25 for Hanukkah and $50 for my birthday, every year from the age of six to sixteen. Only once did I spend any of that money, $15 for a Barbie car, but every other check was deposited directly into my own savings account at the Bank. 595 palabras más

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