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Wonderful couple dancing tango

Michaela Bóttinger & Cristian Miño.

One of our many guests over the year. Michaela Bóttinger & Cristian Miño dance to Los Solistas by D’Arienzo. Tango class starts at 1930 this Wednesday in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street.

Argentine Tango

Tonight the Tango Space milonga was my Little Angel

Los Angelitos is normally my dream milonga. Lots of slow music, and plenty of followers who enjoy it as much as I do. This past Sunday, however, was… 827 palabras más


Tango Tuesday

“Karim and Amy Tango to Paradise – Week 4 | BBC Strictly 2019”.

Karim really captured the character of the dance and gave a confident performance. 28 palabras más

A Diego-engineered turn, and no wonder my barrida was messy!

There’s a turn I saw once in a Pablo and Anne video and which I’ve seen several times in milongas, and it always struck me as one I ought to learn as it had three characteristics I liked. 891 palabras más


It takes two (progressives) to reform the tango

Here there be dragons (however tiny)

A recent episode of your favorite blogge recounted the millions of dollars to be made exploiting micro-aggressions — those neutrinos of umbrage taken by the readily offended. 801 palabras más

Identity Politics

A mixed day, but began and ended on a high note, so calling it good

Today was a rather a mixed day. Started well, went downhill and looked like it wasn’t going to get any better, but was rescued in the end. 1.546 palabras más


Milonga Gremlins?

Gremlins can type!

A five euro donation on Sunday at 2000 hours in the Cork County Cricket Club in Richard Beamish Grounds on Mardyke. Keep an eye out for gremlins. 15 palabras más

Cork Milonga