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Walking the Path of the Major Arcana - The Hermit

This post is a continuation of a month-long challenge hosted on Tarot Rebels. As I can’t commit to daily draws at the moment, I am following along at my own snail’s pace here. 343 palabras más


Centenary of the Russian Ocober Revolution and the 1917 Tarot

I have meant to write this post since the beginning of the project, but alas, something was always more urgent. But, you have time for what you make time for. 424 palabras más


Spiritual Practice Reading (OZT)

I check in once in a while to make certain that my spiritual practice is what it should be. These days it’s made up of meditation sessions and mantra recitation; what I’m doing most of all is trying to live it rather than just put it in its own little corner. 95 palabras más


Being a Tarot Reader in Rochester, MN

In my experience giving tarot readings and spiritual guidance sessions, I’ve had more than one person tell me that Rochester needs more services like the ones I offer. 420 palabras más


Temperance & How I Read Tarot

Lately, I have been struggling with balance.

A few days from now will be the one year anniversary of moving into our home. My boyfriend, my two kitties, and I, live in a tiny house that is currently kind of a mess. 1.038 palabras más


"It's in the trees! It's coming!"

…it’s like a three card spread for a tarot reading or…
Instead of circling around the magic well three times before approaching, we try this: 74 palabras más


Tarot Challene Day 16

What strengthen my intuition?
I pulled the Tower card and I always feel that this card represent the chaos of my mind and how I can draw off of plenty of energy spots, plenting of connections and when I focus on me, I am unstoppable.