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Brooklyn Brewery, Springwood

Definite brett with a touch of apple
Some deep funk?
Dry and crisp, what is that funk
Bitterness of pilsner on the end
Funky pilsner… 6 palabras más


Seafood Restaurants in Orange Beach: A Taste of Southern Tradition

A rich culture and history of food defines the South, which includes the Gulf Shores spanning coastal gems like Orange Beach. If you’re visiting this gorgeous region, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of amazing dishes you can choose from. 119 palabras más

A to Z Challenge - Zest!

Well Chosen,
Tastefully Tuned,
Lubricates appetites for Good Living!

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 P.S. Been a pleasure to participate in A to Z.

I shall be away for next week….Leaving in the morning…back next Sunday evening…

See you Monday, 9th May.


Cadbury Fudge

“A finger of Fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat” or so claimed the old advertising campaign that ran from the 70s to the early 90s, nowadays you’d probably need something twice the size with three times the sugar in order to achieve ultimate treat-dom. 347 palabras más


Dim Sum Icon – New Little Twin Stars Themed Dim Sum Restaurant In Hong Kong


Everyone should know Dim Sum Icon in Hong Kong by now.

Remember those adorable Gudetama dumplings with molten centers that everyone was posting photos and videos of on social media? 688 palabras más


My tongue had an orgasm when I tasted this...

I was walking from work to take a bus home when it caught my eye. I was thirsty and wanted something cold and sweet so I decided to give it a try and my goodness it was the best decision I made that day. 62 palabras más

Empire Estate, Dry Riesling 2014

A touch mineral
Still quite fruity
After blue cheese, very crisp
Definite apple