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Ohútkȟaŋ Origins No. 488

A language which is not a first or primary language may prove challenging to learn. But it can be mastered where the desire to learn, know, and understand exists. 8 palabras más


Milkshake Awards 2016

Get your tastebuds ready!

Milkshake lovers, it’s time to see what the twenty first century can do when it comes to shakes and malts.

Sorry smoothie lovers, your time will come soon enough. 127 palabras más


Skinny Mint Journey

Hey There!

September 25th, Day 5
I am currently sitting on my desk drinking Skinny Mint’s Night Cleanse Tea and I have definitely grown very fond of it. 297 palabras más


Easy tip for less washing up

It’s too embarrassing to say how many years it took me to realize this – but you can cut out washing up burnt-on grease on casserole dishes and baking sheets…. 65 palabras más


Cantillon, Grand Cru 2015

More intense
Hints of grassiness
Underlying puckery mouthfeel
Very distinctively Cantillon
The geuze but more cantaloupe
Quite a bit of funk
Hard to describe
Grassy sour funk, not aggressive sour but laid back, long linger, a sharp bite… 11 palabras más


{untitled} 09/24/2016

Let them love you with hands full,

gathering every bit in the crooks of their elbows,

tucked under their tongue.

They may bring you flowers, 129 palabras más

To Ol, Likeweisse Director's Cut

A great mishmash
Some sour and hoppiness
A lot of flavors that manage to work together
A messy beer that just barely works
Too busy