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Visual: How to set up a stall according to Waffle On magnate Eddie Ruffet

Waffle On is one of the most recognisable and successful street food businesses in London.

Two and a half years after giving up a job in music production for advertising, Eddie has stalls in several places each week. 32 palabras más

Trader's Tips

Brookside Blueberries

My new obsession is Dark Chocolate Acai and Blueberry flavors by Brookside. You can buy them almost anywhere. They are literally a taste of heaven. They are soft fruit flavored centers covered in smooth dark chocolate. Must buy.


Shoes and cars

This afternoon I was trying to find somewhere to park in the delightful local town of Rye – never an easy feat – and immediately outside the restaurant at which I was due to have lunch, I came upon a car undertaking the standard manouevre known as a “reverse park”.  784 palabras más


Karachi, Tastefully Terrific!

Food is one of the most important things in our lives and most people usually take at least one meal everyday. It has the capability of cheering up a person and making them angry as well (I consider myself to be a foodie and a bad meal could ruin my day or an hour). 450 palabras más


So, you are too Mainstram/Hipster?

Can I just say how sick I am of hipsters? Nothing against the lifestyle, the choice of clothes or their tumblr account full of moustaches and “Perks of being a Wallflower”-quotes, but it’s the impact the Hipster vs. 453 palabras más


The grumpy guide to happy food

Many of my best memories are butter-fed.

Gigantic foil-wrapped potatoes, baked in the fire embers all evening until singed,  burst open symbolically with a deep cross-cut and excitedly stuffed with slatherings of Slightly salted. 697 palabras más



To me, being your own person is essential. If you like something, buy it. If you want to do something, do it! Worrying about the opinions of others is something will only hold you back in life, and it just isn’t worth it. 329 palabras más