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Desiring Desire

Place your hand upon my brow and feel how I burn with fever. Soft, cold, rough, old… it does not really matter anymore. It’s not a long story. 208 palabras más


Tier et Tout Winter Menu

Winter Menu, δια χειρός του chef Δημήτρη Σταμούδη !

24 Οκτωβρίου, καλεσμένη στην παρουσίαση του χειμωνιάτικου μενού του Tier et Tout, στο Ν.Ψυχικό, 23 palabras más


Pizza Style Aloo Paratha

Want to make something yummy but dont have anything except potatoes at home? You can try out this yummy flavourful aloo parathas with common spices easily available at home. 115 palabras más

30 Days of Gratitude | Day 10

Well… I definitely need to work on being consistent, but that’s okay. I am grateful that I got through this past week of midterms, stress, and the burst of fun that I managed to throw in that mix. 352 palabras más


John Ruskin: What Determines Greatness in a Work of Art? Part 1

October 27, 2016

Yesterday I posted to The Literary Life a short excerpt from John Ruskin’s Modern Painters that handles one of the biggest of the Big Questions relating to art or literature: What makes one work of art great and another one not great. 758 palabras más

Big Questions

Menemen: an easy & healthy alternative for breakfast or lunch

Wherever I go, anywhere in the world, I always want to try and taste local food. As you might know I often visit Turkey, at least 3 to 4 times per year. 170 palabras más


Deep Thoughts On Big Pairings

This isn’t about beer. But I can’t start this story without talking about beer. Because it’s the beer that got me thinking about the subject. 538 palabras más