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April 23: First Winery Visit

Now that I had a sketchbook, I was ready to visit the winery… as soon as it opened. I know I harp on this a lot, but NOTHING opens in Door County until 10 or 11 a.m. 301 palabras más


Walking along a tightrope  

Notes: I blame Google if the painting I used as the featured image is copyrighted. I used advanced search to filter out pictures not ‘free to use or share’ so if it’s wrong I will happily take it down. 551 palabras más


How to publish a cook-book

Inspired by my talk with Nadia, over at @greenrootskitchen, a personal chef and vegan enthusiast.

So you’ve got a few cool recipes, an audience with raving reviews of your food – an idea about a book has been forming, and it has got you thinking, “Oh well this could be something great, but how on earth is it going to get out of my head and become an actual book?” 634 palabras más


Summer Salads Week: Broccoli Slaw

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – We took a bit of a different direction on Summer Salads Week today, as Claudine Gaj, Owner of the Magic Spoon Catering, taught us how to make Broccoli Slaw. 84 palabras más

Mass Appeal

Carnaby Taste 2016


Saturday 23 July 12pm-5pm

The concept:

Carnaby’s best restaurants, bars, and cafés will bring their dishes and concepts out onto the streets with food stalls and trucks serving small bites and delicious signature dishes. 176 palabras más


Zuberfizz: Chocolate Cream

Nose: Rich cocoa. Like smelling hot cocoa powder.

Taste: Bold chocolate; mild creaminess; chocolate hard candy; Tootsie Rolls. It’s almost jolting to taste chocolate in a soda because it’s so rare, but this is full of chocolate flavor. 831 palabras más

Five Star Soda

Pizza Port, Micano Quad Dizzle

Smoky and savory
Bacon wrapped dates
Fairly short finish
Robust and roasty front, into savory
A bit of smoke, but not overpowering, but distinctive
Not a bonfire, but at least a brisket