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Three T's - Timing, Technique, Taste

My wife bought me 30 or so CD’s at a yard sale this past summer for $5.00.  That works out to about $.17 a CD.  You can’t go wrong with think kind of a deal. 653 palabras más


Post Surgery Update: Day 4

(Just tuning in? Read my diagnosis, pre op, and first post op posts by clicking on the links.)

By Thursday night, it was obvious that I’d developed an infection, either from having a weakened immune system due to the surgery, or from having my throat scratched up by the breathing tube. 1.359 palabras más


Quick Shrimp Pasta 

Since this is my first post on food, hope you guys like it!


1. Any type of pasta (one packet)

2. One medium sized onion… 197 palabras más


Lately, wake up at 6:23am sweating beneath the weight of things forgotten, locked away

Unmade sheets strewn sideways like a mouth

Lately bed, too-full, too-empty, threatens to swallow body whole… 211 palabras más


From Come, Come ye Saints to Pokerface

In the early morning hours of the day, where the light is peaking up over the mountains and the dew has just evaporated from its leaf, comes a clanging from atop the hill. 236 palabras más


How to make the perfect salad: the 7 must-have ingredients

On my ten week whole food journey, we’re eating a lot more salad. This has to be a substantial meal that’s packed with foods that provide a range of nutrients: protein, minerals, vitamins and energy. 606 palabras más


Foooooood - my true love !

Daily Post – Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)

My favourite food are many. I am a total foodie and I totally love food. My favourite dish is making chicken burgers. 185 palabras más

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