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Sea Food Lobster Bisque with Armagnac - Tasteseafood

L for LOVE, L for Lobsters. one of the best soups of Europe. Why not try the SEA FOOD – Lobster Bisque with Armagnac at home? 489 palabras más


Daily Dose...

Daily Dose…

As Time Goes on,
The Taste of Relations
Either it Becomes
More Sweet
It Becomes
More Salty
All this only depends
on what you


Hair-healthy smoothie

Did you know that what you eat not only affects your waistline, but also your hair, skin and nails? Michaela Murray with Wicked Salon showed us how to make a hair-healthy smoothie! 17 palabras más

Mass Appeal

Pierogi Burgers

We’re combing two great foods already to make something crazy and delicious! Blogger Dan Whalen from is here to show us how to make Pierogi Burgers. 314 palabras más

Mass Appeal

Healthy Plan Day 28

Daniel Strong Fitness Day 10

Daniel Plan Devotion Day 28

Journal: What was your favorite thing so far?

Workout: perform chair dip 10 times 2‐3 times today. 538 palabras más

What does freedom taste like?

Does it taste like a cheeseburger?  Meat, cheese, bun and grease, a milkshake, fries at a truck stop in Kansas en route across the heartland? 365 palabras más