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Yesterday, my daughter and I attended Mad Hatter Tea Party at the Hastings Public Library. I had shared the event a couple weeks ago and thought I would share our fun! 290 palabras más

Favorites Sunday - If God Is Love...

This Sunday’s Looking Back is about one of my favorite Christian books and how I viewed its message five years ago. 143 palabras más

Having My Say

The Power of Chant Warfare

While in college, I wrote a piece about the futility of “respectable discourse” in the modern age. I pointed out that those who practice such behavior are made out as suckers and left to drown in the popular swill of rage. 167 palabras más


Tea Party Dough

Veronika adores her two dollies these days (or as she happily says, “Baby!”). So I thought today I’d set up a tea party for her and the dolls. 190 palabras más

12 To 18 Months

[2010] Tea Party Financiers Owe Their Fortune to Josef Stalin

By Yasha Levine, AlterNet

This article was originally posted by AlterNet.

The Tea Party movement’s dirty little secret is that its chief financial backers owe… 6 palabras más



The cold air breeze, blowing harshly on the leaves scattered underneath the trees. They rattled, singing under the shine of moonlight, as it follows my footsteps. 151 palabras más


Education Without Common Sense

More years in school? Really? That makes kids smarter? Is that the solution to the worsening education in the country? If you’d hear it from “education experts” here, it’s the very thing that will end all our educational woes. 1.583 palabras más