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On Meeting Daniel Gade

On Meeting Daniel Gade

10 Quick Impressions

I got some face time with Daniel Gade yesterday. Daniel is running for the Republican nomination to represent Virginia in the U.S. 688 palabras más

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12.4.2019: Countdown to Christmas - 21

Happy Wednesday and 3 weeks until Christmas! Today’s tea donation was given to me by my cousin, who shares my enjoyment of tea parties. For the first time I am trying a Lipton “Stressless” tea. 147 palabras más

The Magic Power of Brunch

For those unaware of what a brunch is, it is a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast or lunch, and it is magical. In addition to being an awesome way to recharge and exercise self care, it provides a pivotal time to reconnect with friends and your favorite people. 221 palabras más

Making Virginia First Again: Step One

Step 1 to win the House of Delegates in 2021:  You, yes – you – normal Virginian, write down everyone who would come to a wedding in your family or your funeral.  402 palabras más

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Pete Buttigieg's Tea Party Video Illustrates His Tolerance of Opposing Viewpoints

While many Democrats and members of the African-American community are condemning Pete Buttigieg for speaking at a Tea Party event during an unsuccessful run for state treasurer in Indiana in 2010, this illustrates the problem with politics nowadays. 87 palabras más


Why Virginia Is at the Precipice of Socialism

Why Virginia Is at the Precipice of Socialism

And how Virginians Can Fix It

By James Atticus Bowden


The return of Democrats to total power in Virginia after 26 years of power sharing has a history. 2.549 palabras más

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