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3rd Guest: @_mkarys

It’s such amazing feeling to do this tea party and today we have a very amazing guest! Psst, she also has the same name as my other partner, Maria! 1.111 palabras más



Barack Obama took office as the nation faced several crises. Four years later, were Americans happy with his performance? Or did they side with the obstructionist Republicans? 2.068 palabras más

Us History

Creativity comes in many forms

I recently poured myself into a creative endeavor for some young ladies at church. I planned and organized an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party. Wow! 63 palabras más

Handy Tips 101: Organize and Host an Elegant High Tea Party! Part 1

Ever thought about organizing an elegant afternoon tea party, which is a great way to entertain guests on multi-day events such as weddings, or seasonal festivities of our Colorful India!? 502 palabras más


Rum Raisin Squares

Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Music Selection: Meditation Melodies – Afternoon Tea Music

The other night, over conversation with some friends we came to realize that the men in our group all had a strong like for raisins in desserts – raisin tarts, raisin pie and definitely raisins in rice pudding. 284 palabras más



Consumption of tea in India was first clearly documented in the Ramayana, but for next thousands of years, documentation of tea in India was lost in history — records re-emerged during the first century CE, with the stories of the Buddhist monks and their involvement with tea. 721 palabras más


2nd Guest: @xlivinginpages

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Hello everyone, now I shall welcome you for our special guest for today’s Tea Party. Please welcome, Greta from @xlivinginpages; I have always amazed with her creativity and imagination and I think you should really check her profile now (if you haven’t!). 645 palabras más

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