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The Last of You-Know-Who

The internet giants and social media are cracking down on *Q** information links. I had trouble posting any reference to F*cebook lastweek using either a **Q* link or a even a mention within the text. 281 palabras más

TEA Party

Welcome Back Y2

Welcome back to all of our lovely Y2s starting in Pearl class. We’ve had so much fun this week settling into school, come and meet the class of 2020-2021. 80 palabras más


Why Q?

I have been reading and reading and studying and studying Q.  Truth is in there.

Here is my defense of Q info as I replied to a Facebook “friend.”  He was warning me it will “embarrass the party” and that internet trolls were using this “trash meant to trick gullible people,” and further warning it “relegate us to permanent minority status.”  He continues about 4chan and trolls, making me think this guy is a troll.  1.170 palabras más

TEA Party

This Week's Thoughts 2

Another week goes by. It started quietly and then improved tremendously as it went along. Quite bizarrely, it feels like I have spent a lot of time in my garage. 621 palabras más

Adult Life Events

Trump Crushes Obama

When President Barack Obama took the Democratic National Convention stage to attack, demean and shame President Trump and conservatives, he destroyed his party’s pseudo message of “unity.” But this was to be expected from a Commander in Chief who not only was corrupt during his two-term presidency, but also incompetent. 108 palabras más

Political, Hey!

The Hypocrisy of Mike Pompeo

The Hypocrisy of Mike Pompeo
In the few short years since his time in Congress, the Secretary of State has conveniently reversed himself on multiple fronts. 15 palabras más

United States

Recollections and Theresa's Tea Party for Princesses

by Theresa (VanderPutten) Byrne

Yesterday is gone; Tomorrow may never come; Today is a gift; that is why we call it “The Present.”

Kneeling in front of my little Grandma VanderPutten’s casket, this past week, a flood of good memories fill my mind… 1.149 palabras más