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1st Guest: @hanabookreview

Oh, hello there Alice, I do not see you there coming! Now, how shall we start with today’s Tea Party? I am truly honoured that our friend ( 743 palabras más


Victoria Magazine November/December Holiday Issue

Once again, I am honored and grateful to have an essay featured in Victoria Magazine. And did I mention, in the November/December Holiday issue, I am beside myself! 163 palabras más


#languagediarychallenge day36

Vandaag heb ik mijn nichtje van school gehaald op. Daarna hadden we een theekransje (het is een hele goede manier om kinderen gezonde snacks te laten eten). 58 palabras más


Petit Fours or Petit Fails?

Well, reader, that is something you will have to decide for yourself!

This may be the fanciest thing I’ve ever baked. That is unfortunately not saying much…. 867 palabras más

Art Journaling (Virtual): Tea Party

Last week our theme was tea party.

What comes to mind when you think of a tea party? Alice in Wonderland? Teddy Bear Tea? Tea party with dolls? 38 palabras más

How to make a pretty teabox

The place that I work they have free coffee and tea like most places. But they only have fruity flavoured thee or english breakfast tea. Which is a little boring. 91 palabras más



In 1989 East Germans set aside their differences and protested openly and together against a totalitarian state. They were not deterred by the STASI ( 2.019 palabras más

Political Rant