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Rihanna's Covers "Harper's Bazaar China" & Drops "American Oxygen"

Bad gyal Rihanna is not missing a beat amidst Chris Brown‘s baby rumors.  Check out the island beauty on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar China… 107 palabras más


@PODfellas » The Geek Spot » Legend of Zelda: Live Action Teaser »

Journey into Hyrule like you’ve never seen it before as Link rides to the ruins of Castletown to face off in the Final Battle with Ganondorf to save Princess Zelda » … 13 palabras más

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Bacon Sandwich anyone?

So its Friday and I’m sure you are thinking wait this is only updated on Wednesdays normally but I felt that todays’ progress needed documenting, you see today I created something that really made me stand back and think wow I think I’ve done really well.   276 palabras más

Project Development

[*KPOP]: f(x)_Amber_劉逸雲 做客韓流世界 Teaser (EN SUB/中字) - YouTube

活潑帥氣,開朗直爽,笑容可愛 暱稱“小羊駝”
f(x) 成員 美籍華人Amber 當年未出道先起轟動
首張個人專輯《Beautiful》,清爽歌聲 傳遞樂觀堅強
一起來《韓流世界》 傾聽 Amber 的心路歷程

Timewarner 1414 Thursday 7:30pm

[*KPOP]: f(x)_Amber_劉逸雲 做客韓流世界 Teaser (EN SUB/中字) - YouTube

She’s cool and cheerful, outgoing and open, her lovely smile earned her the nickname “llama”,
f(x) member Amber is Taiwanese American, she caused a sensational response even before her debut, 34 palabras más

Love Zombies To Release First Music Video Next Week

London based punk band, Love Zombies will release their first music video on Monday for “Be Honest”. They posted the below teaser to their Facebook page… 11 palabras más