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Zac Efrons Abs In New "Baywatch" Teaser Are INSANE!

Have you seen the new trailer for “Baywatch” yet? It actually looks like it’s going to be really good. Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson on the featured characters, and it looks entertaining to say the least. 26 palabras más


Assassin's Creed Movie Behind-the-Scenes in VR

VR as a new media form has been making inroads into the rich background of the gaming industry for many years. There are some titles more suited to VR technology though, especially due to the subject matter it covers. 229 palabras más


Spider-Man teaser shows a flying Spidey

The first look into the Marvel Studios brand Spider-Man: Homecoming shows a little of what fans can look forward to in the 2017 release.

In the short clip, Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, opens a boxed gift from Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), and is quickly shown in the Spider-Man suit, which leads to the unveiling of the classic webbed wings. 317 palabras más


Threnody Teaser

The teaser for “Threnody” is out!

You can listen to “Threnody” in full, but with less accompaniment, on my music page.

Q&A - DJ Smo

In Wien wird schrägerweise geglaubt, jede Wiener ist eine Frankfurter. Glücklicherweise müssen wir wiederum bei DJ Smo ebensowenig differenzieren, wie die Wiener, wenn es um (wirklich gute und wirklich weniger gute) Würstchen geht. 335 palabras más

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