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Kemajuan teknologi dan maraknya disrupsi di sana-sini mengundang keresahan bagi banyak pekerja, dan menghadapkan mereka pada ungkapan bak mantra: “work smart not work hard”. Kerja cerdas pun didengungkan di mana-mana, oleh para konsultan atau penulis manajemen. 891 palabras más


The Gun Owner

The Gun Owner was scraggily. He shaved unevenly and was approaching seventy. The kinks in his back were getting worse by the day. The shop was run down and dusty. 360 palabras más

Short Story

iKON releases the first lyric narration video for Goodbye Road

On the heels of  the track list release for the New Kids: the Final mini album, iKON released the first lyric narration video for Goodbye Road featuring Jinhwan and Donghyuk looking pensive and gorgeous.  217 palabras más


Sneak Peak: Synopsis

Today I wrote the synopsis for my WIP, and I’d like your opinion. 230 palabras más


Teaser: Desperate Hot Wives

Got another hotwife bundle for you. What can I say? It’s my favorite genre. Here’s an extra spicy excerpt:

Chris was far more into it than she was, but she couldn’t back down at this point.

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A Critical View on Romance

My ‘Way of Life‘ series is firmly set in the romance genre – for want of anything better. One reader suggested the genre “adult Christian romance”, but even that would not be sufficient in my opinion. 1.507 palabras más

Book Review

Watch New Clip From Upcoming Short Film On Chimaira's Mark Hunter & Mental Illness

Chimaira’s Mark Hunter is the subject of a new short film created by director Nick Cavalier. The documentary, which is named after the band’s track “Down Again,” focuses on the connections between creativity and mental illness. 260 palabras más