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TEC15 Day 2 | Using the Collins Dictionary Corpus | Talk summary

This talk was by Dr. Elaine Higgleton who besides being measured, articulate and erudite, had whet everyone’s appetite with a quiz the preceding evening on Old and Middle English spellings and pronunciation along with lexis borrowed from around the world. 852 palabras más

TEC15 Day 2 | How to help teachers find, create, recycle and adapt good-quality teaching materials | A quick summary

How ever do the Sandy Milins and Lizzie Pinnards of the world manage to write detailed summaries while they are attending conferences and events? :-) I tried but I couldn’t do it. 554 palabras más

TEC15 Day 1 | Paradigms of enrichment in language & teacher education | Talk summary

I’m currently attending the Teacher Educator Conference (TEC15) in Hyderabad and this is the first of several summaries I hope to write on some of the more interesting talks I heard. 809 palabras más

Changed Forever

TEC has changed my life. Yes I know, one weekend out of 18 years changes my entire life? It can be hard to comprehend, but I guess you’ll just have to experience TEC for yourself. 979 palabras más

Christian Character

Making the Dune "Pain Box" a Reality

If you are unfamiliar with Dune, then you may not know what the pain box is. The pain box is a fictional device that produces an excruciating burning sensation without causing any actual damage. 538 palabras más

Misc Hacks

Knights clinch at least a share of TEC title

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FOUNTAIN CITY, Ind. – Northeastern waited 30 years in between Tri-Eastern Conference titles.

There was not much of a wait for the Knights’ latest conference crown. 794 palabras más