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BMW 740xd

War is a game as old as mankind. The advance of war-machines, or generally a way to incapacitate and kill faster, better, more is just as old. 1.462 palabras más


Hydrogen-Fuel-Cells: Zero Emission Technology - this is the Future

As Technology advances, the living standard of mankind improves. Big and small steps alike have been taken to maintain those, but unfortunately the needed resources are limited and  won’t be available forever so it is just a question of time when they will finally run out. 666 palabras más


Pagani Huayra

Born from the dreams of a little italian boy, the Pagani Zonda was the First car to be constructed by Automobili Pagani. Its performance is only overshadowed by supercar “classics” like Lamborghini, Ferrari or Mc Laren. 643 palabras más


GBS Disk Documents ISU Attempt to Hack TEC

by Yaz Shanndar

(UUNN HQ) An optical disk found on GBS Station appears to include a partial recounting of an ISU attempt to hack into the Hyperweb accounts for the now-defunct TRI Evolutionary Council (TEC). 298 palabras más


Um blog onde terá muitas notícias sobre séries e filmes, onde o foco e trazer todas as novidade para vocês no mundo nerd.

Minha inspiração para fazer esse blog relacionado a séries e filmes foi eu ter assistido a série Arrow e querer saber mais sobre a série, aí eu percebi que eu gostava muito sobre o assunto então resolvi criar um blog para mostrar a vocês tudo relacionado a séries e filmes, aqui eu vou mostrar tudo que sei sobre o assunto e também vou aprender muito

Google website

Most of us have come to accept the fact that pretty much everything we do online is tracked and recorded.

And as the world’s biggest company, …

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what an odd dream

I dreamed that I was Flip Wilson.

and that I was an Episcopal priest. I was the sole priest in a congregation that was booming. I was creative, daring, funny, a splendid preacher and a skilled leader. 561 palabras más