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Elon Musk says humanity is doomed to be wiped out by killer computers

Elon Musk may be a billionaire with a life most of us can only dream of, but even the mega-rich have to worry about something. 321 palabras más


Looking for an iPhone X case? Here’s what’s available at the online Apple store

The iPhone X is a marvelous device—a device with a glass shell.
And as strong as that glass is, you probably want to do what… 365 palabras más


RNA Interference (RNAi) Technology: Cutting-Edge Technology for Immuno-Oncology

(DGIwire)– Sometimes a significant advancement in medicine results from the application of a proven technology in a novel area. In the field of immuno-oncology, as recently reported in… 492 palabras más


Galactic Glow, Thought to Be Dark Matter, Now Hints at Hidden Pulsars

A number of high-energy anomalies raised hopes that astrophysicists had seen their first direct glimpses of dark matter. New studies suggest a different source may be responsible. 11 palabras más


Your 2017 Black Friday Booklist: Eight Essential Science Reads

Your body is already full of empty calories—don’t let your brain suffer, too.

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What Amazon Echo and Google Home Do With Your Voice Data—And How to Delete It

Like the idea of Amazon Echo and Google Home, but feel uneasy about all that recording? Here’s what they listen to—and how to delete it. 11 palabras más


German president summons grand coalition partners for talks

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) appeared close to dropping their opposition to renewing cooperation with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, with a planned summit between the two camps seemingly offering a way out of a political impasse. 15 palabras más