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[FANCAFE TUTORIAL] Teen Top Fancafe angel Level Up

here’s the answer key for teen top fancafe level up.

updated 20151008
1. 이름(실명), 생년월일, 사는 곳
2. 틴탑 멤버들의 이름, 생년월일, 혈액형
3. 틴탑 노래 중 가장 좋아하는 노래는? 57 palabras más


[Ficlet] Of Time and Regret

Of Time and Regret

Di tulis oleh Miho-san




“Dingin itu ketiadaan panas, gelap itu ketiadaan cahaya, rindu itu ketiadaan kamu.”


L.joe – Gisele 693 palabras más


Niel Teen Top kecelakaan saat syuting "Racer"

TOP Media telah menanggapi berita bahwa Niel personil Teen Top dan perenang Jeong Da Rae terlibat dalam kecelakaan saat syuting untuk program SBS “The Racer”. 98 palabras más



Birth name: Bang Min Soo

Stage name: C.A.P

Birthday: 4 November 1992

Position: Leader, main rapper

Weight : 61 kg

Height : 178 cm

Birth name: Lee Chan Hee… 90 palabras más


Music Sundays: TEEN TOP (틴탑) _ ah-ah (아침부터 아침까지) M/V

I’m pretty sure I mentioned this group on here before, but in the context of liking their lead singer, Niel. In fact, if you click on that link, I will say that I’m not interested in the group, just Niel. 66 palabras más

Music I Quite Like


I’m assuming that I’m not the only Angel super excited for the upcoming TOP Media boy group! I could easily fall for them, after watching three episodes of Rising UP10TION, I already… 36 palabras más

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