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Teletubbies big hugs DVD + giveaway copies 

The new Teletubbies DVD was released yesterday. It has a running time of 1 hour and 12 minutes and Izebella loves it.

The Teletubbies love making new friends and they love big hugs! 89 palabras más


The support of public televison

I finally got around to watching season six of Downton Abbey which was the final season in the series. I loved Downtown Abbey. The production values for a TV show were quite simply out of this world I had never seen anything like it. 431 palabras más


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

A few shots of the holiday tree that brightens the UNC-TV lobby. How many familiar faces can you spot?


Sony Has Great Gift Options for the Holidays

Movies are always at the top of our holiday gifting list for the kids.  They love watching movies and they are super convenient to take with us on trips.  324 palabras más


Cute Video

If like me you frequently need cheering up, you might like to check out this cute video.


This Fan Theory Linking 'Harry Potter' To The 'Teletubbies' Will Change The Way You Look At Both Series

There’s a new fan theory going around connecting the Teletubbies to Harry Potter, and it’ll completely change the way you look at both series. 266 palabras más



“. . . I just know it’s true !”  Only silly people say that, but it is not only silly; it can also be very funny, as Bill Maher has hilariously illustrated.  451 palabras más