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Eh oh! Recycling Teletubbies

The BBC has recently announced that it will be making 60 new episodes of its long-running preschool series Teletubbies, featuring some leading British actors. It’s hard to imagine that the first episodes were aired eighteen years ago, and that some of the original viewers might well be parents now… 350 palabras más

Throwback Thursday: The Unicorn With An Attitude 29: The Many Different Ways to Interpret a Television Show

I skipped the last couple of Throwback Thursdays because I was busy working on my taxes and preparing for the Greenbelt Mini-Maker Faire, both of which happened within three days of each other. 379 palabras más


Membedah Isi Dalam Rumah Teletubbies

Membedah daleman! Hoi hoi pikirannya loh! Duh semangat banget ya kalau tersirat yang dalam-dalam gitu?! OK Stop! Rumah teletubbies atau rumah dome yang ada di Jogja ini sudah pernah aku bahas pada beberapa bulan yang lalu. 564 palabras más


How can they get even creepier??

Ok, I was old for the Teletubbie scene, but if I was young enough to enjoy the show, I would probably take a massive deuce in my kiddie shorts! 333 palabras más


Introducing: 'The Taperwoes'

Hello children…

Are you sitting comfortably?
It’s time to listen with NotMuchOfaRunner

I’d like to introduce you to the Taperwoes.

Give the children a wave, … 321 palabras más


'Teletubbies': Children's Show Returning To TV After 14 Years

It’s off to Teletubbyland we go! After a 14 year hiatus, the popular children’s show ‘Teletubbies’ is set to hit our TVs once again. How excited are you to see those brightly-colored lovable creatures again? 370 palabras más

News And Gossip

Eh-Oh! A Teletubbies Reboot Is Coming To BBC Soon!

Have you missed the Teletubbies? We sure hope so!

After 14-years, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po are coming back to your TV screens.

The series is set to return later this year on British channel CBeebies. 221 palabras más