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Safira Reports on Teletubbies Village

Photo: Safira’s Journey
Safira, an Indonesian blogger, visits the Teletubbies village to learn about earthquake-resistant housing.

I like the WordPress blog Safira’s Journey, by a young woman from Indonesia. 181 palabras más

Cake Teletubies - KINANDARI

Birthday Cake dengan tema Teletubies , model ini mulai ukuran 15 cm, daftar harga kue ulang tahun

Terbuat dari kue yang dipahat,no styrofoam.Pelapis terbuat dari coklat bukan fondant atau sugar icing. 6 palabras más

Birthday Cake

Living History

New life springs from the Roman wall on Balkerne Hill, Colchester. This section of the town's old fortifications is currently undergoing restoration. In its time it has, of course, seen many more aggressive occupants. 119 palabras más



So I just had my mind blown.

One of my friends on Snapchat posted a video of the Teletubbies and I haven’t seen footage from that show since the 90s when I was a kid. 307 palabras más

Jake & Leon #325: Say Hell-Noooooo

I’m not sure if I’m just hearing about this or if Nick Jr. has been airing the show for a while, but I was hoping this was gone. 244 palabras más

Television Spotlight

Media Play: Teletubbies Bubbles DVD

One of the great things about all the streaming services out there in the world is that older kids’ shows continue finding new life. Teletubbies… 332 palabras más


Gritty heroes II - Tele-grit

What about the psyche of the hero as he’s lifting up that car?

The hero as the outsider, rather than the star.

What will be the trope in years to come? 76 palabras más