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Senja di Bukit Teletubbies

Ini bukan nama sesungguhnya. Terlalu alay jika menjadi nama tempat yang sudah menjadi peninggalan pada masa awal masehi. Nama aslinya Candi Abang, situs purbakala yang terletak di Desa Jogotirto, Berbah, Sleman. 568 palabras más

Life Path

CBBC Memories - Part 2.

FOT (CBBC, 1993-1996)

Hello, and welcome to… a great show from BBC Scotland that was originally shown on the CBBC strand on Sunday mornings before moving to the afternoons where you had to sort out the fictional from the factual. 378 palabras más

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Three To Return (2015)

1. Tinky Winky.
2. Laa Laa.
3. Po.
And a 4th to see-
Dipsy, of the Teletubbies
on BBC.


How radio changed my life

As a young boy, TV ruled my life. A lifeblood full of amazing programmes that I grew up with such as Rugrats, Simpsons, Teletubbies and Gladiators. 336 palabras más


Throwback Thursday: The Unicorn With An Attitude 21: The Wonderful World of Children’s Television

Here is the twenty-first video in a series of computer animations called The Unicorn With An Attitude that I did back in the 1990’s in an ill-fated attempt to show off my abilities as an artist and a computer whiz in the hopes of either 1) get famous or 2) get a higher paying job than the office administrative work that I was frequently offered. 219 palabras más


The Teletubbies are waiting by Nebraska's fax machine on National Signing Day

It’s National Signing Day, which is exciting for all recruits scanning, faxing or sending in their letters of intent some other way to whichever school they plan on attending. 84 palabras más


The Most

popular Youtube channel

A hidden, mysterious Toy opener……..

It’s actually really creepy.

I watched a barbie video because that’s about the only toy on there that appeals to me. 293 palabras más