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Summer05 is a showcase of my designs and events.


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The purpose of the hardship is never to hurt us...

I used to think that to be content/happy was when we reached a certain level in society, or obtained certain things; a degree, stable career, nice car, house, spouse, starting a family, many friends, looking good, rockin’ the latest fashion etc. 400 palabras más



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Recently my friend told me something I had wanted to happen to me.

She said that the manager of the biggest model company in NZ had spotted her at the local shopping mall and said she should be a model. 359 palabras más

Drum Roll Please...

After we stopped at the grocery store, we had an hour drive to the hotel. This felt like the longest hour of our lives. Right when we got to the hotel, I took my test and ran to the bathroom! 111 palabras más