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Testing after EU1 switch

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Moeen Ali Does Strictly

The trouble with doing an illustration of Moeen Ali is that finding a decent photo of him smiling is as difficult to find as typing his name with predictive text on (I’m fairly sure he won’t like being called Moreen). 88 palabras más


Pick the best test for heart health


WITH increasing health consciousness, more people are getting assessed for heart disease. The electrocardiogram (ECG) remains the most common test to screen for heart disease. 1.709 palabras más

Money Matters

Aufgebraucht im Juni ➡ Clinique Probe

Diese Probe flatterte im Juni in meinen Briefkasten und ich hab sie direkt getestet.


Moisture surge

Extended thirst Relief

Diese Feuchtigkeitscreme ist absolut der Wahnsinn! 76 palabras más


Testing after EU1 switch


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