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Daily Conditions for 12/06/2016

Reading Value Today’s High 42 degrees Today’s Low 30 degrees Today’s Average Wind 1 Mph Today’s High Gust 15 Mph


Maths, science, reading? It’s a Pisa cake!


IT’S known as “the world’s most important exam” – and Singapore has just aced it.

Results for the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) held last year were released yesterday (Dec 6) and students here came out tops in all three categories: mathematics, science and reading. 438 palabras más

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Was ist Liebe?


It is never hate
Feelings of a need to breed
mate to procreate
Cherish osculate devote
Trust in each others feelings… 50 palabras más


Episode 60 - Movie Special

This one-off Whisper special is my personal Top 10 films that sum up the wistful Whispery (not a real word, yet) vibe, which are perfect to watch on a reflective autumn or winter night. 162 palabras más


Samsung wins over Apple in $566 million patent appeal


WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US Supreme Court on Tuesday (Dec 6) tossed out a US$399 million (S$566 million) patent award from Samsung over copying Apple’s iPhone design, sending the case back to a lower court. 199 palabras más

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