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Assessment of endurance fitness

There are two types of tests to assessment of the aerobic resistance: Maximum effort and submaximal effort. In this post, we have written about the submaximal effort because it uses in physical activity and health. 603 palabras más


Testing Tips for the Nervous AP Student

By: Eliza Partika

    AP Testing. It is the bane of the high schooler’s existence, the devil waiting to burn us all alive as we reach the light of summer at the end of the bottomless tunnel of high school. 390 palabras más

How to know when you're in Loki's Army?

How to know when you’re in Loki’s Army?

Simple question? Not for everyone. Sometimes you just can’t be sure! Maybe you’ve heard nasty things about the Army, stereotypes, and you’re a bit lost? 553 palabras más

How To Now When You're In Loki's Army

Find the missing number

Start the month off on the right foot with one of Sonya’s challenges!

For Sonya’s early May challenge, find the number that replaces the question mark. 21 palabras más


Fillable Worksheets: Test (& Note for Macs)

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Be sure to test each of your text fields with some sample text before distributing your worksheet to others. Use the non-editable copy to make sure that your end-user will be able to enter the appropriate amount of text for each field and save a copy of the worksheet. 116 palabras más

Tuesday Tips (Accessibility)

McDonald's testing made-to-order garlic fries

SAN FRANCISCO — McDonald’s is currently testing garlic fries at multiple restaurants near San Francisco.

“Gilroy Garlic Fries,” priced at around $2.50, are served in an open paper tray… 135 palabras más


Olympics: South Korean head of 2018 Winter Games resigns


The chief organiser of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea resigned Tuesday less than two years before the Games begin, citing urgent problems with his troubled shipping business. 333 palabras más

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