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Semilir Angin

Ku dapati diri bagai tanpa arti

Berharap ku temukan ketenangan dan damai mu disini

Sejauh langkah kaki ini berjalan

Membawa asaku yang tertahan.



I was a beast at the test today. 69/70. Almost perfect. I was the first to walk out of the room too, and despite the next three lectures, a financial aid error, and filling out a form for registration, nothing could bring my mood down. 72 palabras más

Testing... One, Two Three

Friendship Park is right around the corner from my place. It’ s a cute little park but is not often used. Because there won’t be people in the way, I’ve decided to use it as the backdrop for a creation. 53 palabras más


Test 2 - Location


Friday 6th march

Taking the opportunity of an early afternoon at college I decided to go out and have a look around the top end of town in watford. 163 palabras más

Photography Foundation Degree

Test Post 1

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