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Life as we know it...

Everyday is a lesson in humility and patience…have we mastered it? Of course not! Maybe after a millennium…or two, smile. The lessons come in when our false expectations run straight into reality. 961 palabras más

"The sun did not shine it was too wet to play so we sat in the house on that cold, cold wet day" or Coping with Discouragement

First, pictures from the English circuit assembly last weekend in Quito (peak attendance 385) and a shout out to Wendy, I met the Gunns!

This couple from Cincinnati, married 45 years, he proposed when they were 5 years old but her mom made her wait! 788 palabras más

Guayaquil Branch

In Guayaquil Branch library

2 delightful sisters in Guayaquil

This is a “small” iguana we saw on the way to lunch

Chet and I with Daina our tour guide for the morning… 259 palabras más


“Jehová habla solamente a través de la Organización Watch Tower”
Carlos T. Russell, Fundador de los Testigos de Jehová

“¿Tiene Jehová un profeta para ayudarles, para advertirles de los peligros y declararles las cosas venideras? 995 palabras más

Testigos De Jehova